Oliver Tree reveals the original title for viral song “Life Goes On”
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Oliver Tree reveals the original title for viral song “Life Goes On”

December 1, 2021

  • A man of art, singer/songwriter, screenplay writer, Oliver Tree had a virtual sit-down with the Radio Bae DJ Nick!

    On this exclusive interview, Oliver Tree and DJ Nick had a very inspirational talk while talking about his viral song “Life Goes On” and album “Ugly is Beautiful.”

    To start off their conversation, the singer shared he recently came from his Middle East trip where he stayed in his grandparents’ ranch for a period. “I started making country music, getting in touch with my roots and I made a beautiful album I was not planning to make,” Oliver said. “Cowboy Tears is the first concept album, the first fully fleshed out album,” he added.

    Tree was made known of his song “Life Goes On” which became viral in TikTok. He shared that the original lyrics was ‘life goes onion’ but his label made him change the lyrics of the song because they is already a song called ‘Life Goes Onion.’ “I changed it to “Life Goes On” and basically I thought hey that could still work. It’s about life going on with or without you, whether you’re alive or not, the show goes on and on and on,” Tree said.

    When asked the meaning behind the song, he said that the song presents itself very playful and very but when you really listen to it to the core, you feel emotions.

    “Life Goes On” is the lead single of his chart-topping debut album “Ugly Is Beautiful.” “Basically the concept of “Ugly Is Beautiful” is trying to teach people how to love themselves, how to embrace the things that people might think are flaws but realistically and the reality those are the things that build our character, makes us unique,” Oliver said.

    Before they end their insightful conversation, Oliver shared a life top for those who can’t find the meaning in their lives: “Figure out whatever you love, whatever your passion is and you can turn that into job but don’t expect it to happen overnight.”

    “Ugly Is Beautiful” previously topped the Billboard’s “Top Rock Albums” and “Top Alternative Albums” charts while also debuting among the top 15 on the overall SoundScan/Billboard 200.

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