'Dance Monkey' hitmaker Tones and I shares the story of her upcoming album 'Welcome to the Madhouse'
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‘Dance Monkey’ hitmaker Tones and I shares the story of her upcoming album ‘Welcome to the Madhouse’

July 28, 2021

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    With over 22 million streams monthly on Spotify, the artist behind the hit song ‘Dance Monkey’ had a chitchat with our very own DJ Shai!

    On this exclusive interview, DJ Shai and Tones and I talked about how the ‘Dance Monkey’ artist got her name and the story behind her newest single ‘Cloudy Day.’

    ‘Tones and I’ represents the relationship between Toni Watson and her music. She started busking in Byron Bay and this is where her manager discovered her.

    The ‘Dance Monkey’ artist tells more of her single ‘Cloudy Day.’ When Toni was having a hard time writing songs after her friend passed, she met up with a friend and she told her about a saying of one of her friend’s late mom, ‘on a cloudy day, look up into the sky and find the sun.’ After hearing this, she knew that she wanted to use that line as a lyric.

    ‘Cloudy Day’ is the lead single of her forthcoming album ‘Welcome to the Madhouse.’

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