Coffee Break - Episode 68: Generation Gap in the Workplace
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Coffee Break – Episode 68: Generation Gap in the Workplace

August 30, 2021

  • Do you agree that age diversity plays an important piece in the workplace? Or do you think having multiple generation gaps would hurt the workforce?

    In this episode of Coffee Break, DJs Chloe and Nick discussed the generation gaps in the workplace. The two shared their experiences in dealing with multi-generational workmates in the office. For them, it’s okay to work with the Boomers in the office because these generation of people are full of wisdom. You’ll get to learn a thing or two from their past experiences. Meanwhile, working with Millennials, the Gen Zs will most likely teach you to new things like tech and innovation. Chloe and Nick shared that for them, they did not have a hard time working with different generations. Most of them learned to adapt and work harmoniously. But for others, why generation gap doesn’t work well in other workplaces because of stereotyping. For example when Boomers are being called bad in tech, Millennials are too soft and Gen Zs complain a lot. In the end, they both agreed that for every generation, they have something to contribute to the team.

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