BEKA shares relatable pain and heartbreak with new song “Thorn”
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BEKA shares relatable pain and heartbreak with new song “Thorn”

November 24, 2021

  • Described by MTV as a dreamy atmospheric pop musician, singer-songwriter BEKA had a virtual catch up with DJ Shai!

    On this exclusive interview, BEKA and DJ Shai had a short ‘kumustuhan’ before talking about her latest single “Thorn.”

    The two talked about BEKA’s experience performing in the country with HONNE. “We [HONNE] had the most incredible time,” she said during their 2019 PH Tour. “It’s one of my favorite runs of any tour that I’ve ever done. It was unbelievable which has made me so excited to come back again,” the singer added. Meanwhile, BEKA also shared her recent experience in performing live. “It’s been such a gift performing live,” she said. “It’s a kind of moment where you’re so full of adrenaline you can’t believe it but equally you just want to go and get a duvet and like cry at home,” BEKA added.

    Speaking of recents, BEKA recently released her new single entitled “Thorn” which came up, thanks to his husband. Beka shares the story behind the song: “Thorn was written in response to being asked what would happen if I ‘wrote about the most painful thing in my life?’. I had this melody and phrase going round my mind after… ‘that thorn in your side is hurting me’ and was intrigued by how quickly those words came. As a teenager I experienced some family breakdown and I guess because it’s so common, it’s something I just got on with.”

    Before they cap off their conversation, Shai asked BEKA an advice for those who relates to her song. “There’s nothing wrong with pain. Pain is okay, it’s sometimes you know where you have a lot of care for something,” she said. “Everybody has their stuff and if you don’t deal with it will linger there. It’s okay for it [life] not to all just look sparkly and wonderful. “There’s a gift in all things that we go through,” BEKA shared.

    “Thorn” follows the release of her triumphant debut EP “I’ll Be There” which has amassed over 6 million streams across platforms.

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