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Why You Need To Travel Alone Now

J.G. Taruc

August 19, 2015


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    Traveling alone sounds crazy because who would want to travel somewhere far with no acquaintances? But solo travel can become your ultimate treat; you can rest when you want and go to places that you want to go without the need of others’ permission.

    New Circle of Friends

    Traveling solo gives you more chance to meet others. Even though you have decided to travel on your own, you will still feel that you want someone to talk to and that is the time you need to socialize with person. Meeting new people along your travel is exciting because you and your new found friends are able to share their travel experiences which are deep and fulfilling. Throughout your travel you can be able to meet a person whom you share interests, dreams and goals and maybe a great travel love or end up at meeting at the altar.

    Overwhelming Feeling of Freedom

    Traveling on your own, gives you a sense of freedom. You make your decisions on where to go next, what’s to skip and maybe if you are able to meet new friends, there is a probability you’ll team up with them and end up expanding your travel plans. This freedom allows you to open and change and you’ll welcome it with open arms without the approval of others.


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    Travel as Stress-buster
    If you feel stressed and you need a break from work, school or home, traveling on your own can be the chance to shake that negative vibes you are feeling and regain the ‘lost’ you. Pampering yourself by means of traveling does not require it to be expensive. Even its cheap as long as you are able to enjoy it then that’s good. Solo travel explore makes you leave from your comfort zone and face your fears and insecurities that is a very essential part of maturity .

    So don’t be afraid on traveling alone. Leave everything behind; your problems, duties and responsibilities because we may not see it but the solutions to our never ending problems is when we don’t think about it. Disconnect yourself from everything and indulge yourself on your travel and you might be shocked in its result.


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