Weatherproof your OOTD for a fickle-minded weather
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Weatherproof your OOTD for a fickle-minded weather

Mitzi Santos

September 20, 2018


    Have you ever worn a very cute lace dress for a date then later on that day rain comes pouring? Or have you experienced wearing knitted pullovers then a few minutes after you went of the house, sun started to greet you? One of the many struggles of a pinoy commuter is you really have to be ready any time, any day.

    It sure is nice to really ace that OOTD without compromising your comfort but how do you exactly come up with an outfit that would be perfect even it rains or shines?

    Here are the fashion pieces that you might have to avoid during the times of a bipolar weather:

    Denim Jeans – It is a no-no since denim fabrics get heavy when soaked with rain water. It also gets smelly when not dried properly. Your legs and ankle might really get wet when you splash water on the streets. Instead, try to wear bandage skirts. It goes above the knee and sure is safe to puddles on the street.

    Knitted Pullovers – If you aren’t sure if it is going to rain or not, ditch those thick pullovers that will surely make you sweat buckets. Go for jackets or cardigans that you can simply wear over your cute sleeveless tops if rain starts to pour. Better safe than sorry.

    White sneakers – You don’t want to get those white sneakers dirty, do you? Avoid them for a while if you don’t want your white canvas shoes be an abstract painting! Choose your waterproof shoes or any footwear with upper materials that can be cleaned easily say with just a tissue or wet wipes.

    Maxi dresses or skirts – If you don’t want to end up sweeping off all the dirt and mud on the street, avoid these floor-length pieces first. You sure won’t like the idea of soaking it with rain water and walk around the office floor dripping. Put on pieces that are above the knee the least to avoid any hassle a.k.a. mopping the streets with your trousers or skirt.

    In times like these, it is still better to be safe than sorry. It might not be summer season anymore, but know that you can still be in style. You just have to put the right pieces together. Something that will make you still shine despite the bipolar weather that we have these days.


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