Travel safety tips this rainy season
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Travel safety tips this rainy season

Romar Fernando

June 24, 2020


    Photo Credit: Manila Bulletin News

    It was June 12, 2020 when Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAG ASA) declared the official start of the wet season in the Philippines.

    For some, the wet or rainy season as we normally call it, is not a good time for daily travelers, most especially commuters. The hardships of daily commute are made worse by sudden or prolonged downpour that will easily make the metropolitan either untidy or flooded.


    Photo Credit: ANC

    With the advent of the new normal, these people who are made to suffer might suffer more when they do not have the means of coping with the scarcity of public transportation. Others utilize their bikes, acquire brand new motorcycles, and even buy new vehicles.

    So, to help everybody this rainy season, here are some safety tips for those having commute through public transportation, riding their own bikes, motorcycles, and vehicles.




    Photo Credit: Tabloid PH

    For cyclists and having bike commute, don’t forget to wear your cycling helmet as part of basic safety measures.

    Next, in order to be visible on roads most especially at night times, it is also practical to ensure that your bike has lights on the front and on the rear. You can also use a reflective cycling jacket.

    You may use waterproof cycling jacket and bag for your personal belongings.

    Well, you drive carefully and make sure to avoid puddles on the road. Practice proper road etiquette.

    Clean your bike after going through the rain to remove dirt and mud stains and get ready for the next day.




    Photo Credit: Top Gear Philippines

    For motorcycle riders, just like cyclists, always wear a helmet as part of basic safety measures. Always check brakes, tires, and lights if those are properly functioning.

    Make sure that tires have the ample and correct air pressure.

    Always bring or wear raincoat.

    Make sure to drive carefully avoid puddles on the road. Practice proper road etiquette for rider and back ride’s safety and of course, in order that you couldn’t be called “kamote.”




    Photo Credit: Shutterstock

    For drivers, always check the vehicle’s condition before chasing the road. Check on the battery, light, oil, water, brakes, air, gas, engine, tools and your body’s condition.

    For proper visibility, make sure the windshield is clear and the wipers are fully functional.

    Drive carefully by practicing road etiquette while travelling. Maintain safe distance from vehicles and as much as possible, avoid flooded areas to avoid any breakdowns on your vehicle’s performance.




    Photo Credit: Philippine Daily Inquirer

    Well, the first thing you can do to avoid any extra hustle in you travel is to stay updated on the latest weather news.

    Always secure an umbrella or raincoat that will protect you from heavy downpour.

    We Filipinos tend to bring an extra clothes slippers or sandals to substitute our shoes when rain goes hard, and streets became flooded.

    In order that our personal belongings will remain dry and safe, use a waterproof bag if you have one.

    Don’t forget to disinfect hands and feet upon arriving home.


    In this time of pandemic and rainy season as well, total neglect of oneself’s safety and protection can be damaging to everyone’s welfare.

    Let us take care of one another.


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