Things to avoid while driving in the rain
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Things to avoid while driving in the rain

Romar Fernando

July 21, 2021

  • It’s monsoon season once again. July and August are the peak months of monsoon rains in the Philippines. These are the months where you can see flooded streets, stranded passengers, and gridlocked traffic across the metro.

    It’s the time of the year as well that we often use our umbrellas, jackets, coats, and even our boots.

    Now, we cannot avoid these moments during the year. Travelling from home going to work becomes so inconvenient most especially to those who don’t have their own vehicles.

    This article aims to help motorists about some things that they shouldn’t do when driving during a thunderstorm or a heavy rain.


    Screenshot from: Isa Umali Twitter

    1. Just drive over the speed limit. Visibility and control can be worse during wet conditions. While taking the road slow and steady, be gentle on that throttle and be cautious.

    2. Avoid tailgating. Associated risks and dangers increases during rainfall. Regardless of your speed, tailgating is a dangerous practice because of the low visibility and the chance of brakes will fail on slippery roads. Keep distance to the car in front of you.

    3. Avoid running over puddles. If you’re not familiar with the terrain of your destination, make sure to avoid running those puddles. It is better to steer clear rather than speed past a pothole and damage you vehicle.


    Photo Credit: Philippine News Agency

    4. Never test your luck with floods. If you’re driving an SUV, 4×4, or even a van, you might think you’re mightier than any vehicle in town, or you’re so confident that you’re familiar with certain roads of the city. Then, when roads in Metro Manila transform into bodies of water, think twice, you might end up in the news stating that that a vehicle submerged into flood after trying and forcing his/her vehicle to past the flooed streets.

    5. Never switch on your hazard lights. those blinking light are meant for immobile vehicles stopped on the side of the road, primarily for stalled vehicles in an emergency situation. A common mistake with Filipino drivers is when they’re in the middle of the highway and encountered a zero visibility due to heavy rains is to switch on their hazard lights while driving.

    Should you, then? No. It’s not the right thing to do. Never use the hazard lights in the rain. It is not only pointless but also confusing to other motorists where you’re heading to. If you want to increase visibility, just turn on the regular lights.


    Photo Credit: Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation

    Having been driven your own vehicle and familiarized yourself with the usual routes you pass by, then, over confidence can be a one way ticket to your Creator. Always remember that it is better to feel fear and cautious while driving than be involved in any accident. Be sure to keep safe driving out there.

    Keep safe and sound.


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