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Take a stroll, feel the wind, and discover the wonders of Studio Ghibli

Angelique Agarap

November 9, 2022

  • Studio Ghibli Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭

    The first Ghibli Park in the world has finally opened its doors to the public!

    Spread over 7.1 hectares (17.5 acres) of a 194-hectare (480-acre) park in Aichi region which hosted the 2005 International Expo, Ghibli Park does not have any roller coasters or other rides. Its goal is to immerse visitors in the worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki, the studio’s co-founder and director.

    The park is divided into five sections: Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse, the Hill of Youth, Dondoko Forest, Mononoke’s Village, and the Witch Valley. All of these attractions are based on the studio’s most famous films and blend in with the park’s existing nature. Three of which are currently open to visitors.

    Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse

    Studio Ghibli
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭

    The park’s main attraction is Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse. The Grand Warehouse is designed as an indoor town and is full of iconic Ghibli film characters, such as a life-sized Catbus from Totoro and a Robot Soldier from Castle in the Sky. It has a cinema that plays short films exclusive to the park and the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, as well as three exhibitions: Becoming Characters in Memorable Ghibli Scenes, in which you can immerse yourself in 14 iconic Studio Ghibli film scenes; Delicious! Animated Memorable Meals Expanded Edition, which explores how the food in the studio’s films appears so delicious onscreen; and Ghibli’s Collections, which includes a global collection of Studio Ghibli posters, films, books, and more.

    Hill of Youth

    Studio Ghibli
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭 

    The second area is Hill of Youth, which includes a panoramic view of the entire 17.5-acre park as well as the antique shop at the heart of the 1995 coming-of-age romance Whisper of the Heart and its spin-off film, The Cat Returns.

    Dondoko Forest

    Studio Ghibli
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭 

    Dondoko Forest, the third area, is entirely inspired by My Neighbor Totoro, with guests hunting for soot sprites in a replica of main characters Satsuki and Mei’s home, and children enjoying a Totoro-themed playground.

    The park’s remaining two areas are set to open in 2023. 

    Mononoke’s Village

    Studio Ghibli
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭 

    Mononoke’s Village, based on the film Princess Mononoke, will transport visitors back to the Muromachi period (1336 to 1573) in which the film is set. It recreates Tatara-ba, or Irontown, named for a traditional Japanese metal smelting furnace.

    Witch Valley

    Studio Ghibli
    Photo: Kisa Toyoshima | 天空の庭 

    Also called the Valley of Witches, this colorful area will feature attractions themed after Kiki’s Delivery Service and Howl’s Moving Castle, including the castle itself and Kiki’s family home.

    The bakery where Kiki lives and works will also be recreated and visitors will be able to buy bread just like that in the movie.

    Ghibli Park is currently open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on public holidays and weekends. It is closed on Tuesdays. 

    The park does not have a general admission ticket. Instead, tickets for each individual area must be reserved in advance, with prices ranging from JPY1,000, or $6.70 (for Hill of Youth and Dondoko Forest) to JPY2,500, or $16.90 (for Ghibli’s Grand Warehouse on weekends and holidays).

    Bookings cannot be made through the park’s official website at this time. For the time being, visitors must reserve tickets and select entry times for the various areas via this ticket booking website (in Japanese only).

    The Aichi Earth Expo Memorial Park is located east of Nagoya City, which is less than two hours from Tokyo or about 50 minutes from Osaka and Kyoto by train.


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