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Students can now fly for less

Mitzi Santos

August 1, 2019


    If you are looking for a sign to travel, then this must be it! If you are also a student, then you are reading the right article as well!

    President Rodrigo Duterte has signed into law the Student Fare Discount Act which mandates a 20 percent discount on all public transportation fares for students.

    Aside from the usual student discounts that students have already been enjoying for quite some time, this new act is an addition to the list. They can now enjoy student discounts when taking the MRT, LRT, PNR and even the airlines! Yes, you have read it right guys! Airlines! You can now pay for less whenever you are traveling both domestically and internationally!

    Just like in any other circumstances, you still need to present you school ID or any valid enrolment forms to avail your discount any day of the week and even during holidays!

    We know some of you might be asking but unfortunately, those who are enrolled in post-graduate studies, short seminars, or special classes like driving, dancing and the likes are not covered by the law.


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