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A simple tip on how to keep kids entertained during road trips

Romar Fernando

May 19, 2021


    Photo Credit: USA Today

    Have you remember the days when road trips are for you and for your significant other alone? There, you enjoy the presence of each other, the scenery of every places you visit, and the serenity and peace of travelling with someone you love.

    But as time goes by, you happened to decide on building a family, a happy family. After the most awaited wedding, you’ll have kids, and eventually they will bring joy as well as struggles along the way.

    And literally along the way, one of many struggles parents have is keeping their children calm while in the middle of a long road trip.

    In an interview with Top Gear Philippines, celebrity parents Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona shared a wonderful tip on how to keep their boys, Pancho and Vito, from getting too restless and troubled while on travel- music.


    Photo Credit: Saab Magalona Instagram

    “We survive on songs. They always ask for songs if they get fussy. We play music, they keep asking to change it, like ‘next, next next.’ But you know, it’s a small price to pay, and we actually enjoy their taste in music.” Saab shared.

    Jim once recalled how stressful it was Vito had his first road trip. It was the sounds from the car’s speakers that saved the day.

    The couple also shared what kind of songs their kids like. “So there’s a lot of, like, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle’ and then biglang Wilco, which is Pancho’s favorite band. And then there’s Tame Impala, which is Vito’s current favorite right now, and then back to CoComelon.”

    “Music is the only way. And it’s getting harder because their tastes are getting more and more different, so we have to appease one and then appease the other,” Jim concluded.

    Yes, parents can relate, that it would be pretty wild, sometimes a rock and roll in the car. But then, it will guarantee you a fun road trip.

    Stay safe and sound!


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