Renew your car registration on time
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Renew your car registration on time

Romar Fernando

August 26, 2020


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    Some of the pressing issues these past few days are the renewal of car registration to the Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the proposal that all vehicle owners who don’t have any violations shall be issued with a license valid for 10-year period.

    Another development that car owners should know is the updated penalties of the LTO towards violators most especially for those who have expired registration and those who came late for renewal. Penalties can range form PhP 2,000.00 to a horrible PhP 10,000 depending on the grim of violation.

    To help you, below is the list of violations and their corresponding penalties:


    On the counterpart, to make registration and renewal easier, the LTO has created a systematic approach through the numbers on your plates.

    In fact, numbers in plates are not just random numbers that were embossed but play significant role in the business. Numbers and letters are not just for identification but classify the corresponding date when you should register your vehicle.

    The last digit on the plate speaks of the month you should get registered or renewed while the second to the last number tells you of the particular days within the month you can do your registration or renewal.


    If your plate number is ERM 0963, for an instance. So, you must renew your car registration in the month of March, and you must complete your transaction during the eighth to the 14th day of the month.

    This applies to all forms and configurations of plate numbers in the country.

    Amid this coronavirus pandemic, the LTO has given every car owner a 30-day extension of validity of vehicle registry. No penalties will be given during this extension.

    For more information, log in to the website of LTO.


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