Recent Agoda Family Travel Trend survey reveals 2023 forecast


Recent Agoda Family Travel Trend survey reveals 2023 forecast

Renzo Fuentes

January 5, 2023

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    Most of us contained ourselves within the four corners of our rooms, or our homes for the past two years in isolation.  Hence, with the world gradually (and FINALLY) transitioning to a more post-COVID approach, a lot of people are freely roaming the country and the globe, respectively.

    Vacations and travels, in general, create memories you can look back to. Not only it takes you out of the daily routine and the realm of normality – but it also exposes you to the new! Different crowds, cultures, places, views, food – you name it!

    With all that said, Agoda released its Family Travel Trend survey findings on December 23, 2022, and revealed the following points:


    It was found that Filipinos are most likely to have 2 vacations this year, coming in at 47%, ahead of those from Indonesia (40%) and Malaysia (35%). For at least one trip, Singapore, Taiwan (both at 61%), and Vietnam (59%) may come in at the top of the list.

    On the other hand, the only nation with at least one or two travels in the regions with the lowest probability was Japan.


    For traveling with extended family members – Southeast Asian countries Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam garnered the most probability of doing so. Whereas on the other hand – Japan, Korea, and Singapore are least likely to do so.

    On the other hand, travels with immediate family are led by Singapore (61%), Taiwan (61%), and Vietnam (59%).

    On a general note, Four out of five travelers will vacation with immediate family in the coming year, according to digital travel company Agoda’s Family Travel Trend survey 2022. While traveling with friends is more common than traveling with extended family, more than half (52%) of travelers want to visit with family members while on vacation.

    For traveling with friends – the Philippines, Vietnam, and India had the most probability of doing so.

    In terms of travels with partners – the Philippines (44%) came out on top for at least 2 trips with them.

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    Lodging & Expenses

    Budget hotels, vacation rentals from Agoda Homes, and all-inclusive resorts are recognized as the top three group travel preferences when it comes to traveling with families or in groups. More so, travelers worldwide are looking for more value for their vacations.

    Tourists from the Philippines (59%), India (44%), and South Korea (38%) demonstrated a strong preference for inexpensive hotels, while those from Indonesia (42%), Malaysia (39%), and Taiwan (38%) preferred vacation rentals, which frequently provide extra amenities like kitchens or separate living and sleeping areas. In contrast, 43% of Japanese visitors preferred chain hotels as their lodging of choice, and 34% of Thai travelers preferred the convenience of all-inclusive resorts.

    In the same section of the poll, it was also shown that Filipinos had the lowest tendency to favor chain hotels and upscale lodging.

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    To sum it up:

    1. In the upcoming year, four out of five people plan to travel with their families

    2. Going on a trip with friends is more likely than going on a family trip

    3. Families favor low-cost lodging, holiday rentals, and all-inclusive resorts

    Wishing you all easy, relaxing, and safe travels this year!


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