Reasons Why You And Your Friends Can't Color Your Drawings
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Reasons Why You And Your Friends Can’t Color Your Drawings

J.G. Taruc

May 30, 2017

  • drawing plano

    “Let’s go somewhere next weekend?” Your office mate said a month ago.

    “May upcoming long weekend oh, tara Baguio na!” Your supervisor said three weeks ago.

    “Plan na natin NEXT team getaway natin!” Your team leader said five months ago.

    I’m sure you’ve been a victim of this kind of situation. When everything is all set, you’ve gone planning it for several months and when your trip/outing comes to a near, all your friends suddenly withdraw.

    Puro drawing na lang ba tayo dito? Sana next month kulayan naman na natin.

    Here are some reasons why you and your friends can’t color your drawings, errr…. I mean plans:

    drawing plano

    Are we still kids here? Who would fall in these traps, anyway? Don’t tell me that “Hindi ako pinayagan ng parents ko, eh” when you’re already 30 years old!

    drawing plano

    F: Sorry, guys biglaan, eh. M: Hu u po? 

    drawing plano

    When you really have no other commitments at all. Stop being a BS.

    drawing plano

    ‘Yung totoo? Palagi na lang may sakit ah? Can I bring you to the hospital, now?

    drawing plano

    When sleep is life and plans are nothing. Tinanghali ng gising or Tinanghali mag-decide?

    drawing plano

    Don’t put the blame on us, we are not obliged to contact you. If you really don’t want to go, you’ll end up thinking with a ton of reasons.

    drawing plano

    Darn, you boss!

    drawing plano

    When you’re really don’t want to take a leave from work.


    Busy or busy-busyhan?


    Unfortunately, the word BUKAS  never ends.


    The most dreadful of them all.


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