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Packing hacks that you might want to check out for your next trip

Mitzi Santos

October 3, 2018


    They say nothing worth having comes easy. This also applies to traveling. You can’t just wake up and just depart the country without doing all the bookings, packing up, and coming up with an itinerary, not unless you have a genie that makes all your wishes come true.

    It sure is fun to travel the world but we must also not forget that there are things that should be prepared before your departure.

    One of the many struggles a traveler faces is the packing up portion. It sure is hard to travel light not unless you are really used to just taking all the necessary stuff with you. Even so, there are still moments when you just want to make sure that you have everything that you will be needing in the future.

    Here are some tips that you can make use of when packing up for your trip.

    1.Keep a checklist

    It helps to have a checklist. This will help you police what goes in and out of your luggage. Also, this is also helpful in monitoring your belongings once you try to unload your stuff at the hotel. With a list to follow, you sure won’t over pack and leave anything behind.

    2.Pack your toiletries in travel-sized bottles

    Instead of bringing big bottles of your favorite lotions, shampoos, and conditioners, it has always been smart to just pack what you need. Saves a lot of space and weight! There are a lot of brands that sells travel-sized containers that are just the right size for your trip.

    3.Pack per outfit!

    Try to pack your clothes per outfit instead of just throwing several outfits in the bag. In this way you will be able to see if the outfits actually match. It would really be annoying to have pack so much clothes that you would not be able to wear at the end of your trip! You also have to consider your destinations and activities that go with it.

    4.Waterproof your bag

    This depends on your destination. If you are going to a wet country or a beach per se, it pays to have your valuable stuff like phones, important documents in case you have one with you, and some other electronic gadgets in a sealed bag. This could be a waterproof pouch or a ziplock will do.

    5.Use travel sets or travel organizers

    It sure saves time if you already have your stuff packed separately so you won’t spend time looking for stuff inside your luggage. Keeping all your toiletries in a pouch is so much neater than having it scattered in your luggage. Same goes for your skin care products and medicine kit.

    Everyone knows we can’t avoid to come across any hassle every time we travel. So, the least thing we can do is lessen it. If we miss any packing up hacks, feel free to comment it down below. It sure will help another fellow traveler out there.


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