Why You Need To Travel After a Heartbreak
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Why You Need To Travel After a Heartbreak

J.G. Taruc

July 13, 2017

  • Who said that breakups are easy? Breakups are never easy. It’s painful, hard and brings you a lot of tears.

    But some find travel a remedy to mend their broken heart.

    Here are 4 reasons why you should travel after a heartbreak:

    Traveling distracts yourself from heartbreak

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    Visiting new places that you haven’t been to before can be a great help on the moving-on process.

    Traveling gives you some sort of a ‘break’

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    A break after a break (pun intended).

    Kidding aside, travel will give you a breather from all the drama that you’ve went to. It’s the perfect time to stay away from things that’ll remind of you the past.

    Traveling will bring new memories

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    With every new things that you encounter throughout your travel will help you get rid of the painful memories you had from your last relationship.

    Traveling will help you move on.

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    This is what you really want, right? Then do it, now. Pack your things and start moving. Start meeting new people, make new memories and experience new things. Forget your past and dwell in the present.


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