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Meet me where the Sky touches the Sea!

Jules Contreras

August 2, 2022

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    Image Source: Las Casas Bataan

    Ever get so tired of all the hustle and bustle of the city and seemingly, wherever you go in the metro you can’t survive such exhaustion? Sometimes, we just want to shortly detach from everything. Here are three perfect spots in the country perfect for your sweet escape dreams!


    Tanay, Rizal

    There are lots of stunning places in Tanay, Rizal. One of them is Cielo Alto Place. It is set within the Sierra Madre Mountain range which gives off such a scenic venue. This place has gone viral on TikTok because of its cabins edging on the mountains.

    If you enjoy camping and outdoors but want something a little fancier such as glamping, the cabins are definitely your taste! It is a perfect mix of home-y vibe and a nature-filled atmosphere. As you enter it, you are welcomed by the comfy beds while the overlooking terrace is located at the other side of the cabin. It can accommodate up to 5 people so it is a must go to site for intimate get-togethers and bonding sessions with your friends. If you feel like these cabins are too little for your big barkada and family, they have family cabins for a huge number of people.

    You can go skygazing, experiencing the stunning sunsets and rushing clouds. It is also the perfect time to chill by the field when the dark starts to loom because the stars appear in the wide sky canvas. Get bundled up and surround yourself with your loved ones around the warm campfire.

    Cielo Alto is also known to soften the hearts of couples because wedding receptions and special events are held in the premises as well. Anyone would want to elevate their intimacy in this romantic and special location. Take this chance to come on up at Cielo Alto Place


    Nagtipunan, Quirino Province

    Another ethereal beauty is found in the heights of Nagtipunan, Quirino Province. When you finally get to see the view it’ll truly make you realize how magical nature is. Landingan Viewpoint is just among the astounding places found in this province. It is filled with colourful flowerbeds and wide fields.

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    It is quite relaxing even if you are hiking mountains since it is climbing friendly. Stairs and pathways are created for easier navigation. The surroundings will really be worth the extra cardio! When you reach a higher level of land, there would be several Cabanas, suited for leisure time. It is best for people who would be a bit worn out from all the exhausting walking.

    This place is great for some quiet time for yourself. While you walk your way up, the facade of the mountains blending between the fluffy clouds and blue sky are beautifully painted before you. As you also see the waters and streams flowing down the hills and it really triggers such serenity with the people. There are minimal activities therefore it is certainly made for disconnecting a bit from the chaotic reality.


    Bagac, Bataan

    After getting some fresh air in the mountains, come visit Bagac, Bataan, because aside from another gorgeous setting, you have multiple and various fun activities to do within the vicinity.  An incredible place to stop by is Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar. It accentuates and greatly exhibits the culture of the Philippines.

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    A famous feature of the place is their Heritage Experiences wherein you can indulge and get to know the heritage and traditions of the Filipino people. The experience includes their Arts & Crafts workshop, a stroll in their Hotel de Oriente, cultural shows, and the famous Balsa and Gondola Tours.

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    It takes you through the Umagol River while riding on the Balsa. It is the perfect way to relax and at the same time fully immerse yourself in the rustic and historical architecture of the Las Casas. You can even explore the rest of Bataan through the Las Casas as it is known for several tourist spots and famous landmarks.

    Do not miss out on living life and book that trip to these awe-inspiring places!


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