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Konnichiwa! Japan accepts more tourists this coming October

Ellen Rose Oris

September 21, 2022

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    Japan finally open its doors once again to tourists after more than two years of stringent COVID-19 border controls. It is set to fully reopen its borders to tourism next month, as they start to reduce and limit travel restrictions in the country. They will also ease up the implementation the strict travel policies. According to Nikkei Asia, the Japanese government will gradually remove the daily cap on foreign arrivals from the recent cap of 20,000 to 50,000 tourists.  Other restrictions like the requirements for visa and package tours will ease at the same time. In addition, more tourists can now travel on tours without a guide.

    Tourists who want to visit and witness the wonders in land of the rising sun can now enjoy once more. Known for its rich and diverse culture, Japan has many things to offer starting from its tourist attractions, food, fun things to do, points of interest to explore, and the people. True enough, a vacation in this country is surely a great investment of time and memories.

    Looking forward in visiting Japan soon? Here are some of the fun and unique things to do in Japan.

    Visiting Temples and Shrines 


    While much of its tourist attractions focus on the activities and the delicacies that you can think whenever Japan pops into your mind, one of the best experience that you should not miss is visiting temples and shrines. These reflects the rich cultural traditions that are maintained despite of the natural changes that happens over time. Japan is keen on preserving its rich heritage as they feature their attractive architecture and gardens mostly situated in Kyoto and also throughout Japan. If you want to reconnect with nature and seek opportunities to go on a hike and meditate, you can add this to your travel bucket list.

    Experience Japanese Pop Culture


    Japanese pop culture is one of the unique cultural influence bring by activities that capture the interests of Japanese culture enthusiasts. Don’t forget to visit Tokyo, Akihabara, and Harajuku where you can experience the must-go-to Japanese pop culture, which includes anime, manga, video games, fashion, and more!

    Soaking in Hot Springs


    Travel for fun, but also don’t forget to relax as this another activity is something that everyone can enjoy. A nice way to unwind and really appreciate Japanese culture is to soak in a hot spring or ‘onsen’. After a long day of sightseeing, feel refreshed by warm water and relaxation that are beneficial. You can stay at one of the hot springs along with simply visiting one of them for a short while.

    Visiting Theme Parks 


    Source: Japan.Travel

    Most of the popular theme parks in the world can be discover in Japan. Japan is home to dozens of theme parks and amusement parks. It is also one of the popular activities to accomplish on the trip where children and adults can enjoy. 

    The legendary amusement and theme park in Japan is Tokyo Disney Resort which comprises Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea World. There is also the famous Universal Studios which is the most prominent park next to the Tokyo Disney Resort. Aside from the two mentioned, the Fuji-Q Highland and Edo Wonderland are also attractions worth a visit. 

    Eating Japanese Food 


    Trying out new food never goes off the list and eating Japanese food and are prefer by most foreigners. With different kinds of Japanese delicacies, there lots of restaurants and shops where you can find something new to delve into. Make sure to try the most popular Japanese foods like Ramen, Tempura, Okonomiyaki, Yakiniku, Onigiri, and Sushi. 

    There are tons of enjoyable and interesting activities to do in Japan. Everyone will find something to enjoy there. There are lots of possibilities, whether your interests is in sports, food, shopping, culture, or all of the above. Make sure you will consider to visit Japan soon and keep them on your travel bucket list. 


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