Keep your OOTD game strong this rainy season
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Keep your OOTD game strong this rainy season

Mitzi Santos

August 15, 2019


    It’s the rainy season and being a strong independent woman is not enough to keep yourself dry and your OOTD on point. You sure don’t want to let a bad weather get in the way of pulling off a cute OOTD.

    Here are the 5 rainy day outfit pieces that you can wear while braving the weather.

    Pastel-coloured blazer

    Don’t let the gloomy weather dim your aura. You can still put on some pastel-coloured blazers and pair with trousers so you can still pull off the look.

    Denim jacket

    A classic piece will never get out of style. It keeps you protected from the rain and will go with any piece. You can always pair it with a sunny dress, a shirt and jeans outfit and you will still look okay.

    Oversized sweater

    Channel your inner Ariana Grande with your oversized sweater. Who says Ariana is the only one who can pull it off? You can always pair your oversized sweater with a mini skirt and a knee-high boot. What a way to dress up for the weather, right?

    Comfy Cardigan

    If you want a piece that is not too thick you can use a cardigan. It always goes with your outfit may it be casual, semi-formal and formal. Warmth and style never go out of style!


    Want to shield yourself from the rain? Worry no more because you can always wear a parka to shield yourself from the drizzle. No need to sacrifice your OOTD just to keep yourself dry!

    Now you don’t have to worry about keeping your OOTD game on point with these fashion pieces to keep in handy during the rainy season!


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