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Indoor activities to try during the rainy season

Mitzi Santos

July 4, 2019


    It’s the rainy season and don’t let it rain on your parade like literally! Heavy downpours might limit you from doing your usual outdoor routine but there are still activities that you can do while you are stuck at home because of the wet season.

    If you are not the type of person who is not a fan of the rain, then here are the activities that you might enjoy doing during the rainy season.

    Movie marathon

    Who said you can’t still have fun even if it’s raining? This is the perfect season for you to catch up on the series that you have missed due to your busy schedule, or you can play your favorite movie and watch it for the nth time. Who cares?

    Play card games

    Keeping a bunch of card games come in handy during rainy season. If you happen to run out of activities to do and still want more, then get that cards out and start playing. Card games will give you tons of fun and it does not run out of battery!

    Read a book

    This activity is so much better if it comes with a warm drink on the side. Imagine you being cozy while it is raining, and you are just there on your bed, tucked in and reading your favorite book.

    Shop online

    If you can’t go out to shop, you can always turn to online shops to still cap that item that you have been eyeing for. You can always look for rainy season promos without experiencing the hassle going to the mall can give you.

    Nap time

    Let’s all admit that nothing beats the satisfaction napping through the rainy weather can give you. You just tuck yourself in your warm blanket while hearing the raindrops tapping on your roof. Get all the rest you need.

    If you have any other activities that you think we missed to put on the list, feel free to comment it down below! Stay warm and enjoy the rainy season!


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