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Expect heavier traffic flow along EDSA due to MMDA’s Yellow Lane Policy

Mitzi Santos

August 8, 2019


    It’s not new for Filipino commuters to experience different hassles during their daily commute.

    Aside from the heavy traffic, LRT/MRT operations get interrupted most of the time and not to mention the UV Express operations that make it harder for every commuter to get to their destinations every day.

    And just this week, another dry run was implemented by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) – The Yellow Lane Policy dry run.

    According to MMDA EDSA traffic chief Bong Nebrija, this is the policy that they need to implement so they could discipline the drivers to stay on their lane.

    This policy covers both city and provincial buses. They must stay on their lane only and by doing so, this will ease EDSA congestion.

    The MMDA still started implementing this new policy last Monday despite the halt order issued by the Quezon City Court.

    Just few days after starting the dry run, a netizen uploaded a photo of the situation on EDSA and it circulated as soon as he posted about this new policy. Most netizens are against the new policy and many believe that this is anti-poor.

    Instead of limiting the city/provincial buses, they must also regulate the private vehicles since most netizens believe that they are the most who occupy EDSA.


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