Do’s and don’ts inside the National Museum of the Philippines


Do’s and don’ts inside the National Museum of the Philippines

Angelique Agarap

February 24, 2023

  • National Museum

    Art enthusiasts were thrilled when the National Museum of the Philippines finally reopened in 2021 after a year of being closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum once again enjoyed a renaissance period among Filipinos.

    As one would expect, responsible museumgoers would familiarize themselves with the guidelines prior to visitation. Regrettably, some people still fail to remember even the most basic rule of them all: DON’T TOUCH THE ARTWORK.

    Now, before you find yourself making the headlines for a lapse in etiquette, here are National Museum’s Visitor Guidelines you should know about:

    a. BAGGAGE DEPOSIT. Baggage counters are available upon entry. Big bags,
    umbrellas, and tumblers must be deposited at the counters.

    b. PROHIBITED ITEMS. The following items are NOT permitted inside the
    museum buildings:

    – Art materials (including ink pens) other than pencils
    – Bags and luggages larger than 33 x 43 cm (13 x 17 in)
    – Backpacks, baby backpack carriers, umbrellas or other bulky items
    – Food and drinks including tumblers
    – Plants, flowers or other organic materials
    – Tripods and video cameras
    – Wrapped packages including gifts
    – Pets

    c. DRESS CODE. There is no dress code when visiting the museum but NMP
    encourages you to dress appropriately keeping in mind the sensitivities other
    visitors may have.

    d. PHOTOGRAPHY. Taking of pictures is allowed inside the museum premises.
    However, the use of camera flash and the recording of videos are strictly

    e. DECORUM. Please keep your voices low while inside the galleries. Do not
    touch the paintings, sculptures, and other objects in display. Avoid leaning on
    glass showcases and pedestals. Running and playing in hallways and sitting
    and lying on floors are not allowed.

    The National Museum of the Philippines also reminded visitors to treat with respect all artworks and specimens on display.

    “The National Museum of the Philippines prides itself as one of the leading educational, scientific, and cultural institutions that seek to acquire, document, preserve, exhibit, and foster public appreciation of a diverse collection of works of art, natural specimens, and cultural and historical artifacts representative of the unique cultural heritage of the Filipino people,” the NMP said.

    “With that said, the NMP would like to urge all visitors and museum-goers to adhere to our Visitor Guidelines, and treat works of art and specimens on display with utmost care and respect,” it added.

    Museums are a treasure trove of information just waiting to be discovered. In fact, it is a place of wonder, housing visual aspects of culture, imagination, and history. Keep in mind, however, that rules are designed to provide all visitors with a meaningful experience while protecting the valuable art and artifacts housed there.

    It is entirely possible to visit, learn, and be inspired by what you see – all while having fun.


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