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A couple of things traveling can do to you

Mitzi Santos

May 23, 2019


    Aside from the money spent, the memories collected, and the tan skin that you get from traveling, there are actually a couple of things that your inner body can get from traveling.

    If you are looking for deeper meaning to traveling, then this must be the sign that you’ve been looking for.

    Travel enhances creativity

    Adam Galinsky, a renowned professional and author believes that “foreign experiences can increase cognitive depth and flexibility.” He believes that these experiences can enhance one’s ability to create deep connections between different forms.

    A lot of creative people use their voyages and international travel experiences to sculpt their masterpieces. Travel will open your mind.

    Travel will keep you physically healthy and fit

    Going to places require huge amount of energy. Buy going to places, your mind and body tend to be more active. This is the only workout that you get to have a good tan, take good photos and sight see different sceneries.

    Travel actually makes you healthier and smarter

    A recent study called Project: Time Off revealed that you need to give your mind and body a break if you want to boost your overall well-being, state of mind and health. Travel can positively enhance your ability to think creatively and be innovative.

    It’s good for the heart

    According to The Framingham Heart Study people who don’t take vacation days for years are more likely to suffer heart diseases. People who get away from their daily grind are usually less anxious and less stressed. Travel can give you a stress-free feelings. It also reduce tension.

    It makes you happy

    From the moment you plan for the trip, there is already a sense of happiness that you feel what more on the actual trip itself? People experience more bliss just knowing they are going on a trip a trip. So experts suggest that you spend more time going on a trip than by just staying at home doing nothing and that is actually more prone for feeling sad and over thinking.




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