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7 Things UV Express Commuters Will Relate To

J.G. Taruc

May 26, 2016

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    The passenger’s seat is the best seat in the ‘house’

    There’s no reason to argue with this one because it’s so easy to get in and out of the van. And don’t forget to mention that you can hoard the entire air-conditioning vent to yourself.

    The seating arrangement is not just your ordinary seating arrangement; It must always be strategic

    “The first to get off, should always be closer to the door.” That’s one of the unwritten laws of UV Express. Admit it, it’s always a hassle to everybody when someone needs to get out of the van just to let the person behind you get off.

    Drivers have a military-like type of communication

    Drivers speak in some sort of military codes for certain number of passengers and roads.

    Here are some examples: ‘Kilo’ means the road is okay to pass on, ‘Owan’ means passenger (2-owan – 2 passengers and so on and so forth), ‘Big Mall’ is Mall of Asia, while ‘Pasugalan’ is Solaire Resort & Casino.

    Getting your change gets harder because of two reasons

    (1) You sit at the back end of the UV Express van and (2) you’re a shy type of person and the only way of getting your change is to boost your confidence as well as your voice.

    Worst case scenario, the driver pretends not to hear you that you need to loudly call his attention by hysterically shouting “MANONG, ‘YUNG SUKLI KO PO?!”

    Beware of the ‘Breezy Boys’

    Breezy (adj.) a person who makes moves smoothly.

    Carelessly putting his/her arms on your arms, inch by inch leans his head to your shoulder, intentional grasp of your hand when you’re paying fare or handing other’s fare.

    A safety reminder for everyone riding the UV express van, beware of the Breezy Boys and their #GalawangBreezy.

    Someone will always be promoted to be the ‘Door Operator’

    When you end up sitting next to the sliding door handle, it grants you a special job and that is to open and close doors for the passengers.

    Indeed the best job in the world. (Kidding aside!)

    Sometimes you need to let go and move forward

    This is not your typical ‘hugot’. Sometimes you literally need to move forward and let go your backrest comfort just to avoid getting squished by your seatmates.


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