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5 Songs You Always Hear in PUVs

J.G. Taruc

March 31, 2016

  • Music has always been our escape from the hellish traffic we have to go through on our way to work.

    But have you ever noticed how we always hear the same songs in every PUVs we take?

    Here’s a list of songs you ALWAYS hear in the PUVs:

    Wind of Change – Scorpions

    When you hear the whistle play, you know it’s the ‘Wind of Change’.

    As the first line of the song comes in to your head, you suddenly feel the need to be emotional.

    ‘Wind of Change’ is the perfect song to internalize while staring out of the vehicle’s window.

    It Must Have Been Love –  Roxette

    Yes, It must have been love but it’s over now and unfortunately, you can’t do a thing or two about it.

    When the intro music cues, everybody starts to sing it on their head.

    The song is very famous because of Julia Roberts’ 90’s film ‘Pretty Woman’.

    Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler

    Would you agree that ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ is the number one pick for videoke sessions?

    When the piano intro cues, you know it’s on!

    It’s time to put your singing skills on the line.

    Thinking Out Loud –  Ed Sheeran

    Admit it, you are one of the millions of Filipinos who fell in love with this song.

    With its LSS-inducing chorus and cheesy lines, it made you dream and fantasize a fairy-tale like relationship.

    You just start to have that feeling that you need to hold hands with the person sitting beside you.

    God Gave Me You – Bryan White

    The first beat of the drums will give you goosebumps. Thanks to the #AlDub phenomenon.

    Whenever you hear the chorus, you feel the inexplicable joy you felt whenever you saw the on-screen couples on their ‘Kalyeserye’ .

    By the way, our Gossip Girl, DJ Kim is a certified AlDub fan and guess what! She frequently plays the song on her show Lite All Nite.


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