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Handy Nihongo Phrases for First Time Travelers to Japan

J.G. Taruc

August 19, 2015


    Photo Credit: oia.hokudai.ac.jp

    Japan is no doubt a must visit place because of its food, people, architecture, culture and especially Nippon’s famed places to visit like Hokkaido, Okinawa and Tokyo.

    We did a research on what are the common Nihongo phrases that you should learn to speak before deciding to travel Japan.

    Here’s what we think will help you get the most of your Japan experience:
    Introducing yourself:
    • I am (name). – Watashiwa (name) desu
    • What is your name? – o-namae wa nan desu ka
    • I am a Filipino – Watashiwa Fuiripin jin desu
    • How are you? – ogenki desu ka
    • I’m fine, thank you – genki desu
    • Pleased to meet you – hajimemashite. dōzo yoroshiku

    Basic expressions:

    • Goodmorning – ohayo gozaimasu
    • Good afternoon – konnichiwa
    • Good evening – Konbanwa
    • Good bye – sayonara
    • Good night – oyasumi nasai
    • Excuse me – Sumimasen
    • Thank you – domo arigatou
    Phrases for travellers:
    • Do you speak English? – Eigo o hanasemasu ka.
    • I understand – wakarimasu
    • What did you say? – nan te iimashita ka
    • Sorry, I didn’t understand that – sumimasen. wakarimasen deshita
    • Can you translate it for me – yakushite kudasai
    • I can only speak a little Japanese – Watashi wa nihongo ga sukoshi shika hanasemasen
    • How do you say ___ in Japanese – wa nihongo de nanto imasu ka
    Asking for directions:
    • May I have a map? – Chizu wo morae masu ka
    • Excuse me. May I ask you for directions? – Sumimasen, chotto o-tazune shimasu.
    • I’d like to go to ______.  –  ______ e iki tai no desu.
    • Where is ______? – _____ wa doko desu ka?
    • I’m lost. – Michi ni mayotte shimai mashita.
    • How do I get there? – Donoyouni iku no desu ka
    There you go, some basic expressions that will really help you throughout your Japan trip. You don’t have to memorize the phrases, just make yourself familiar to it.


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