10 Travel Facts You Might Not Know


10 Travel Facts You Might Not Know

J.G. Taruc

June 9, 2016

  • Here are 10 facts that will make you want to travel, A-S-A-P!

    1. Travel will help you think on your feet.

    Travel boost problem solving

    2. A holiday for your heart.

    easy rock travel lower risk of heart disease

    3. Yes, travel is a stress reliever.

    easy rock travel stress reliever

    4.  Say goodbye to depression!

    easy rock travel depression

    5. Because it’s the ‘travel effect’.

    easy rock travel relationship intimacy

    6. Travel sparks creativity and curiosity.

    easy rock travel more creative

    7. Experience > Materialism

    easyrock travel better than material

    8. It will surely broaden your mind.

    easy rock travel smarter

    9. Give your brain a break! T-R-A-V-E-L, like now!

    easy rock travel brain health

    10. Feeling refreshed!

    easy rock travel return from vacation


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