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10 Signs That You Are A Commuter Genius

Fiel Simbre

April 8, 2016

  • Commuting has always been a part of every Juans’ and Juanas’ lives whether you’re a student, a working professionals, or always on the go for a hangout.

    Find out if you’re already prepared enough to face the everyday battle.

    Are you one of the genius commuter? Let’s find out.

    You always allot an extra time to your actual travel time


    Photo credit: staticworld.net

    Traffic is everywhere and is very unpredictable. In order to keep up with your schedule, you allot almost an hour or two to your travel time.

     You own a coin purse


     If you are an early morning  commuter, you always make sure that you have enough coins. As the cliché goes, “barya lang sa umaga.”

    You always keep a pamaypay with you


    In case you get caught in the middle of a traffic, you don’t fret because you always have your little ‘buddy’ inside your bag; although it won’t do much if the heat’s already terrible.

    You have an ‘emergency‘ water and food supply


    Getting stuck in the middle of a traffic is really dehydrating. So to ensure that you won’t lack liquids in your body or you don’t want to stress yourself in hunger, it’s a must to keep a bottle of water and a biscuit or mamon inside your bag.

    You never forget your earphones


    You’ll surely hate yourself when you forgot to bring your earphones especially when you always travel alone. A good pair of earphones and your favorite playlist will do its job to keep you in company.

    You are not afraid of rush hour


    Photo credit: rappler.com

    It’s like you are always at war with all those balyahan and siksikan inside the public utility vehicles.

    Your kikay or hygiene kit is never complete without having at least one of the following:


    Tissue/ wet wipes

    Alcohol or hand sanitizer


    Standing in the bus or train is never an issue.

    Standing while commuting is normal most especially in the highly urbanized cities like Metro Manila.

    When you are riding a jeep, there will be an inevitable moment when you sit with only half (or less) of your butt cheek even if you pay the full amount minimum fare of P7.

    When you are riding on a train or bus, you will feel extra special whenever you got a chance to take a seat inside.

    You would always pee or poo first before you go out


    It’s always hard to resist the urge to hit the restroom especially when you are stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. So you always make sure to take a pee or poo first before leaving for work.

    You are not surprised whenever a smelly commuter stands or sits beside you

    While commuting, you can never avoid someone sitting or standing beside you with a stinky smell.

    If you got 7 out of 10, then definitely you deserve a pat from Einstein. Genius!

    Have a happy and hassle free commuting!



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