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10 Life Lessons People Learned From Travelling Alone

J,G, Taruc

June 1, 2016

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    Experience is better than material

    Experience is priceless. It’s something that you can’t just go to a store and buy it when you need it. Experience lasts longer, longer than any of your material stuffs.

    All the unforgettable and life changing experiences you had cannot be bought by any amount.


    You get to love yourself better

    You can’t deny the fact that travelling alone is indeed lonely. Look at the brighter side, you get to know yourself better, reach out to your inner thoughts and find things that makes you comfortable and happy as a person.

    Travelling somehow forces to face yourself and be better.


    Relying to your intuition

    The best decision comes from trusting your intuition. Open your mind to your own thoughts and feelings.


    There’s nothing wrong with being weird

    Life is short. Be weird and random. Keep embracing your inner weirdness because each of us has it.

    Don’t limit yourself by being what others want you to be. Be different.


    You learn to give importance to yourself

    Travelling alone is one of those moments where your main priority is to take care of yourself from any harm, right?


    Finding  your purpose

    Travelling alone allows you to realize your purpose and personal goals in life. The struggle of travelling on your own gets you to grind through the obstacles that come on your way.


    We’re all the same regardless of….

     We are all the same regardless of culture, state of life, race and etc. Travelling on your own allows you to explore different cultures and different people who are just living the same life we have.

    It’s a matter of breaking the stereotypes on different people.


    You become more sociable

    Before every friend was once a stranger. After being alone on your travel journey, you will never have the difficulty of meeting new friends.

    You quickly learned to let go of your inhibitions on people you don’t know.


    The freedom you have always wanted

    Having freedom is one of the things we always cherish because it makes us more alive and free from constraints.

    The world is a tangible place, go wherever you want to.


    Travel will really change you     

    All these lessons will transform you into a better person. It will stretch you to your limits, open your eyes and eventually it will blow your mind.

    Travel is transformational. It changes who you are to your very core.


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