What to do when you’re not ready to say I love you, too.
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What to do when you’re not ready to say I love you, too.

Troyka Lunar

September 24, 2021


    I love you. These three powerful words can make someone the happiest in the world. Ideally, a person responds I love you, too, and they will live happily ever after. Unfortunately, we are not in the movies, and this is not a fairy tale. Sometimes, a person confesses to you, and you just can’t respond. So, we asked some people for possible responses to an unexpected I love you. Some are unsure of what to do, while others will acknowledge, smile, and awkwardly say thank you.

    Now, we are giving you five things that you must do when someone tells you I love you, and you’re not ready to say I love you, too.


    1. Accept the fact that either way, you are going to hurt someone’s feelings.

    When someone tells you “I love you” and you are not ready to say “I love you, too,“ please don’t feel obliged to say it back. Remember, the best way to deal with this is by being honest enough to tell that person how you truly feel. Do not think of sparing a person’s feelings by lying to them because you won’t. Either way, it would hurt. So, hurt that person with the truth rather than making them happy with a lie. After all, that lie will eventually put more pain on them in the long run.

    2. Tell them that you might be there, but you’re not there, yet.

    Sometimes, it would be easier for you to respond when you know exactly how you feel. But what happens when you know you don’t feel it, yet but you think someday you will? Well, you have to let them know. Then, give them the option to let go if they must. If you can’t respond, yet at least allow them to have the liberty to wander around. Don’t even ask them to be “just friends” while you are still unsure of how you feel. Don’t be selfish to make them stay in your life if you’re not sure if you can meet them halfway.

    3. Be mindful of your next actions.

    Take time to think of how you feel, but never give mixed signals. Do not act like it’s as if the feelings are already mutual when it isn’t. Even if you feel like you are almost there, do not give that person false hopes. Just because that person said I love you does not mean you have the right to take that person’s feelings for granted. So, if you are still unready, take all the time that you need. It’s a better path than sending mixed signals day after day and end up not being on the same page. After all, you would not want to be tagged as paasa, right?  

    4. Don’t feel bad for not saying “I love you, too.”

    Never feel bad for not saying “I love you, too” that fast. Yes, it may have hurt the other person, but that pain is inevitable. Remember, you can never go wrong with being honest and sincerely telling a person how you feel towards them. However, you have to know that there is a fine line between being honest and being insensitive. Never be the latter.

    5. Don’t be afraid to say it when you have finally felt it.

    Lastly, if you are sure that you are finally ready for the love the other person has to offer, never be afraid to let him/her know. Whether that person is still feeling the same or not, never be afraid to speak your heart out. After all, genuine love will always be worth the wait. Do not compartmentalize your feelings because love is a very wonderful thing. So, go ahead and show that person how wonderful your love is. Do not worry if the outcome will be as expected or not. Either way, you will realize that you did the right thing of taking it slowly rather than giving a half-baked love.


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