Why "no" is not a negative word
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Why “no” is not a negative word

Troyka Lunar

November 12, 2021

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    We practically grew up bearing the thought that “no” is a negative word. People often use it to decline, disagree, or reject something. Naturally, people fear dropping that word to someone because it makes them look bad. As a result, people always choose to say “yes” even if they don’t mean it. That’s a problem. So, we are giving you reasons why you should stop thinking that “no” is a negative word and start using it if you must.

    You practice honesty.

    Saying no to a friend who asks you for a favor would not make you a bad friend. There are times when lending someone a hand unintentionally brings you to an uncomfortable position. So, when you see something unpleasant coming as a result of giving someone a favor, remember that it’s okay to say no. By doing this, you do not only stay true to yourself but your friend as well. Do not make your friend feel that you are only forcing yourself to help. After all, friends are supposed to be honest with each other, right?

    You are giving yourself a chance to be heard.

    Let them know how you feel. Speak up when things aren’t working well with you. You must let your voice out and give them your piece. When you give yourself that chance, you are also giving them the signal that no one has the right to take you for granted. Let them respect you, and always respect yourself, too.

    You say “yes” to another thing.

    Always remember that saying no to one thing means you are opening yourself up to another thing. So, do not ever think that saying no is as good as closing your doors because it is not. If an opportunity knocks and saying no is a better option, do not force yourself to give in. Weigh things out and know what suits you best. Do not feel bad, and always keep in mind that every “no” is a “yes” to something else. One day, you’ll come to realize that saying “no” was a blessing in disguise because that decision led you to a greater “yes.”

    You learn from it.

    In life, we don’t always make good decisions. Some of our decision put us into a better place, while others do not. And that is okay. Do not be afraid to say “no” out of fear. Have the courage to push through whether it will go as planned or not. Remember, you can always gain something out of it.  Regardless of where you are right now, the most significant thing that you must always bring with you is the lesson that life has taught you. Make a decision, learn from it, and move forward because life offers a lot more than tons of regret from an unpleasant decision.

    You owe it to yourself

    We always say that it’s okay to say no because you do not owe anybody any explanation or an obligation. But, hey! Do not forget that if there is one person you owe it to, it is yourself. You owe it yourself. Never let anyone take that away from you. Put yourself first, and do not ever think that saying “no” is a negative thing. Doing that will only make you feel that choosing to love yourself more is also a negative thing. Always remember that the only person you must bring happiness to is no other than yourself. After all, you cannot give what you do not have. So, give it all to yourself so you won’t have a hard time giving them to others as well.

    Saying no is not a bad thing, after all. Veer away from that thought that those two-letter-word give nothing but a negative connotation. Truth be told, it does not. So, promise yourself that you will not be afraid to say “no” anymore. Learn how and when to say “no.” without making yourself feel bad. Do it for yourself, Sweetie!


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