Why being single is not a bad and lonely thing
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Why being single is not a bad and lonely thing

Troyka Lunar

November 26, 2021

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    As we approach the last month of this year, people are already asking the universe for their 2021 plot twist. Some already have it, and some are just about to have it. Unfortunately, some people have accepted the truth that their plot twist is not gonna happen this year. That’s okay! Being single is not bad, after all! To prove that, we came up with a list of the perks you have if you are not in a serious romantic relationship.

    You don’t have to choose between your BFF and your Jowa.

    We have witnessed a lot of broken friendships because of the change of priorities once engaged in a serious commitment. Moreover, we have also seen a lot of broken romantic relationships because some people choose their friends over their lovers. Who would want to choose between a friend and a lover? Oh, this situation is a lot harder than what it looks like.

    You save yourself from the feeling of paranoia.

    Have you ever experienced a night without getting any update from your partner? Uncomfortable, right? You wonder if he’s okay or if he’s with another girl. You get paranoid, thinking that something is wrong with your relationship. Sometimes, you’ll even laugh at yourself because you’ll realize that you are just overthinking. Well, that’s another beauty of being single. You get to sleep comfortably every night!

    You can play video games all you want.

    If you are a gamer, you would appreciate being single more. Why? Because you get to play your games for as long as you want, and no one will get mad at you. You don’t have to make a lame excuse of sleeping ahead so you can play your game all night. That’s bad, though! Perhaps, being single saves you from answering the question, “DOTA/ML o ako?”

    You save more money.

    Imagine two friends going to the mall for a Christmas shopping. One is single, and the other is in a long-term relationship. The single friend goes around the mall to buy a gift for her family and close relatives. The other one buys gifts for her family, close relatives, and her partner’s family. Who do you think will save more money?

    You can post random statuses on Facebook or Twitter.

    One day, you feel like you are in love. The next day, you feel like you want to emote on your recent LSS. If you are in a relationship, this is a big problem. You wouldn’t want your partner to think that there is something wrong with your relationship, right? Well, being single gives you the liberty to go from “I will always stay this way in love with you” to “Somewhere down the road,” real quick! And you don’t have to worry about making someone feel uncomfortable!

    You become that “kaladkarin” friend.

    Imagine having one long day at work. Before heading home, your friend asked, “Ano? Two bottles?” and you can easily say, “G!” without worrying if your partner approves or not. Whether it is a planned trip or not, you are always free to go. You can go wherever you want, and no one will get mad at you- at least not your mother!

    You learn to appreciate your future partner.

    Why? Because you have already loved yourself enough. You have already enjoyed your liberty. And that long period of being single will make you appreciate the presence of the one who is about to come. While there are perks, it’s true that sometimes, being single sucks. However, if you spend your “me time” well, you get to realize that being with someone is also a wonderful thing. And since you’ve already enjoyed your independence, you’ll have more time to enjoy your partner’s presence.


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