What Twitter people said on Bea-Gerald-Julia issue
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What Twitter people said on Bea-Gerald-Julia issue

Adi Miguel

August 9, 2019

  • Not so sure if the issue has died down, or everyone is just low-key waiting for a new spark about this Bea-Gerald-Julia controversy.

    One of the things that we can prove about this topic is social media made us over thinkers (and good content creators too)! We’ve given different definitions on these celebrities’ thoughts. Though some are vague, we gave meaning. And some are clear as the weather on a summer day, still, we gave meaning. Well…as some would say, “we are entitled with our own opinions.”

    But you know Pinoys. On moments like this, it will always be the best time to do memes! A lot of memes! And what can we say, Twitter people are the best.

    Of course, this is the best-est time for this one…

    This is all of us when Julia spoke…

    HAHAHA! And we never got out with this kind of meme…

    When you send the memo to the wrong person…

    Finally someone spoke about Bea’s reply…hahahahaha! We all can relate.

    And of course, we tried our best to be there too…


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