What is Love for you?
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What is Love for you?

Mitzi Santos

July 26, 2020

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    Love is an unexpected feeling.

    Love is what makes us.

    Love is that slow-mo moment you experience when your other half walk into the room.

    Love is when you stare at those brown eyes and you can see your whole world in front of you.

    Love is when you feel the warmth of his touch and forget about the cold.

    Love is those pearly white set of teeth that can brighten up your darkest days.

    Love is getting up to “good morning” texts and ending the day with a “good night.”

    Love is finding that one song you can jam to on an ordinary Sunday afternoon.

    Love is sending memes any time of the day.

    Love is when you give up your side of the bed for their comfort.

    Love is when you wrap around your arms around her to make her feel better.

    Love is being comfortable with silence.

    Love is showing her support whenever she’s trying out new hobbies and aspirations.

    Love is not causing her pain instead of wiping her tears.

    Love is not letting go of her hand even when the times get tough.

    Love is a choice.

    Love is choosing to stay even if life serves you reasons to leave.

    Love is not just rainbows and butterflies.

    Love is sometimes ugly.

    Love is complicated only when you try to complicate things.

    Love is communicating how to fix it and make it work.

    Love is never slipping away despite the differences that set you two apart.

    Love requires two people to make it worthwhile.

    Love is not always sunny but braving the storm together.

    Love is trying your very best to be the person she deserves.

    Love is more than just a feeling but a commitment to stay.


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