Unsent letter: The missing puzzle piece


Unsent letter: The missing puzzle piece

Mitzi Santos

August 19, 2022


    They say pain never really goes away. It will always be there, and you have no choice but to learn to just live with it.

    It’s been exactly two weeks now since we last saw you full of life, and just being your usual cheerful corny self. You were already going through something that time, yet you still managed to show up. Really speaks a lot about your character.

    We can say that we’re like a jigsaw puzzle. Like a jigsaw puzzle, we’re composed of tens of oddly shaped interlocking pieces that when connected we form a beautiful team.

    Just like jigsaw puzzle pieces we’re same same but different. We have different personalities, yet, we jive perfectly when put together in one room. Sounds like a perfect team, right?

    But, it will never be the same without you now.  You left us with no choice but to go on without you. We still look for you in a crowd. We still miss your corny jokes in the middle of a hectic day.

    It’s hard to get used to not having you around and we still can’t grasp the idea that we won’t be able to see you anymore.

    Know that we will always bring our memories of you with us anywhere. You have been a great team player, a reliable employee, and a great friend. You will always have a special place in our hearts. Rest well now, and thank you for everything, Albert. Your Digital Media family will always love you.



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