Unlabeled Relationship: 5 Rules to live by
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Unlabeled Relationship: 5 Rules to live by

November 19, 2021

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    Unlabeled relationships are fun. Well, at least at first. You get to know each other more and have the thrill and excitement of knowing, and at the same time, not knowing what will happen next. Though it can be cute and exciting, it can also be equally painful. Why? Because having no label means putting walls between you and wanting to break it. But for some reason, you just can’t. And that’s when you start to feel the pain. So, we want to give you some of the things that you must and must not do when you are in an unlabeled relationship.

    Don’t plan your future with him.

    Sweetie, we know you like him, and maybe he likes you, too. However, including him in your plans is a big no. Never include him in your long-term plan because you’ll never know when this relationship is going to end. Whether it is an out-of-town trip a few months from now or planning to bring him as your plus one to your best friend’s wedding, just don’t. Stop planning your future with him when you don’t even know if you have a future with him. “Label muna, bago plano.”

    Stop your expectations

    It’s cute when someone tells you things constantly and updates you on his whereabouts. However, this routine may stop at any time. And when it does, remember that you do not have a free card to nag him or oblige him to meet your expectations. No label, no commitment. Yes, it will hurt. But you must understand that there will always be this boundary you’ll never cross unless you both decide to take your relationship to the next level. Until then, learn how to settle and take just whatever it is that he can give.

    Don’t give him the things that only a boyfriend can have.

    Admit it or not, we know that you know what it means. However, this is not only about that “thing.” Everything a boyfriend must have, he must not have, yet. Updates, endearments, a spot on your priority list, MOMOL, and the likes- no. Why would he give you a label if he can get those things even without having one? Sweetie, show him what he is missing. Make him want for more because you deserve more.

    Never assume

    Even if he takes you out on a date, it doesn’t mean he won’t take any other girl on a date. Moreover, his actions won’t necessarily mean that he is head over heels in love with you. If he loves you that much, why can’t he make your relationship official? Sometimes, words and gestures are deceiving. Not unless he has a valid reason as to why your relationship has no label even after months of dating, do not assume anything that might hurt you in the long run. Save yourself from the pain of being asked, “Bakit? Tayo ba?”

    Get out while you can

    Every relationship starts with no label. However, if you’ve been going out for quite some time now, yet, your relationship is something both of you can’t define, think again. Either get out of having no labels and take your relationship to the next level or just let it all go. This time, it’s all or nothing, Sweetie. Never believe when he tells you that you had the right love at the wrong time. If it is not the right time, it’s not the right love. Do not deprive yourself of having the best by spending a lot of time with someone you thought was the best. Get out while you can and live your life the way you should.


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