True Love: When is it My Turn?


True Love: When is it My Turn?

Jules Contreras

August 5, 2022

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    They say, “You’ll find true love one day.” Although, I do believe that true love will find its way to you.

    Some people discover their ‘The One’ as early as their teenage years. From highschool sweethearts to adult couples. How fascinating it is that even if you start loving at an age where everything is confusing, you understand differences and learn to love the quirks of your partner? It completely defines your growth individually and as lovers.

    On the other hand, true love seems to arrive at your expected perfect timing. For others, it may be in college, amid the presence of different stressors and the slow budding of adult life, an undying love and support keeps you balanced. For some, their perfect timing means when everything is stable. May it be emotionally, mentally, and even financially. It serves as the final piece of their life puzzle.

    Although for the rest, they lose hope if it may ever come. Every day since your birth, elementary, high school, and college days, you’ve wished at least once that somebody might reciprocate your feelings or must love you in the most romantic way possible. Sometimes we rely on relationships for our definition of self-worth. We think that if a person can love us, we are a worthy human being and we fit the standards of beauty, but it really does not work that way.

    No matter who you are or what you may look like, you are already worth loving on your own. Personally, I’ve been single since the day I first cried; you’re right, one of the single ladies since birth. I never really minded the lonesome life because even if I didn’t have any significant others, I was content with the environment I grew in. I had great friends, family, and loved ones who supported me and made me happy. However, we are all still humans aren’t we? I had unhealthy mindsets that I was just at the bottom of everything or just a ghost floating through life because it seemed like no one really wanted to even look at me.  I wonder at times if I would ever get the chance to love as freely as I can and vice versa. If that one person will see through me, truly love me for who I am and will continue to be.

    I know my perfect timing will be in the most unexpected moment and I’ll be grateful that I waited patiently. You’re not supposed to be chasing the love you think you deserve. Instead, real love will appear and accept you especially in your most vulnerable times. Even if I were given the chance to be in love in a few months, years, decades, centuries, or even never, I’d be thankful to even encounter my true love.

    Let’s not rush love for it will embrace you, unforeseen. Until then, let’s stay in love with the great notions that are currently present in our life and strive to be the best we can be.

    Good things, absolutely and agreeably, take time.


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