The BFF Code: How to be the best gal pal
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The BFF Code: How to be the best gal pal

Troyka Lunar

December 3, 2021

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    Admit it or not, life becomes better when you and your BFF are together. And to make things better than ever, we are sharing with you 15 BFF Codes that every woman should always live by!

    1) Be the safe keeper of her secrets. Do not tell your friend’s secret to anyone else, especially if it is something you shouldn’t be talking about. Your friend trusted you. Unless this is a life and death situation that will involve your friend as well, never spill the tea!

    2) Take care of her when she’s drunk, and vice versa. Never leave her alone, most especially if you aren’t in the comfort of your home. And that takes us to the third rule.

    3) Stick with each other during parties. If you arrive with your friend, make sure to leave the party with the same friend. Sweetie, never abandon your BFF unless planned!

    4) Thou shall not let your BFF use the restroom alone. Who cares if it is a public restroom or a one-door washroom? BFF Code says that you should never let your girl go alone. After all, we all know that most of the juiciest stories happen inside the washroom!

    5) Always be there for her, especially inside the mall’s fitting room. Girl, it is your responsibility to help her put the clothes on. Moreover, you should be there to tell her if it’s a go or a no!

    6) Be honest with her. If her outfit doesn’t look good, tell her. Be the friend who will let her know if she has something in her teeth or something on her face that doesn’t look right. She’ll appreciate that.

    7) Never let her go on a blind date alone. No, not like a third wheel. Let your friend know that you’d be willing to come discreetly just in case her date starts to creep her out.

    8) Be her wing-woman if you must. Sometimes, your friend gets too shy whenever the person she likes is around. Help her out! Be the best wing woman ever!

    9) If her man is cheating on her, let her know! This is a BFF Code that needs no further explanation.

    10) Protect your BFF at all costs. Defend them if you must, but never be afraid to call them out when they do something wrong.

    11) Treat your BFF’s Family as if they are your own family. After all, they really are. Love them just like how you love your own family. Moreover, make them feel that you are of good influence on their daughter.

    12) Dating your friend’s sibling is a no-no. Sweetie, love them as if they are your own family, but never cross that line! If you really like her sibling, have the courtesy, and ask for your BFF’s permission first.

    13) Give your 101% support to your BFF. Never make her feel alone. Boost her confidence. After all, you know just the right words to make her feel better!

    14) Be there for each other. Forever, and for always.

    15) Celebrate their victories. Keep in mind that Your BFF’s victory is your victory as well. Celebrate it like it’s as if it is your victory. After all, it is! Why? Because nothing beats the feeling of seeing your BFF genuinely happy. Her loss is your loss, and her victory is your victory as well. 

    Whatever BFF code you and your BFF have, make sure to be the best gal pal she could ever have! Remember someone today, and tag them now!


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