The art of self-love
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The art of self-love

Troyka Lunar

September 17, 2021

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    They say that love is the most wonderful gift one can give and receive but sometimes, you love a person so much that you already forget how to love yourself, too. When this happens, relationships will most likely come to an end. Why? Because a person cannot give genuine love if that person does not know how to love himself. Sometimes, you can’t help but lose it. So, we are giving you some of the ways on how to keep yourself back on track!

    Start your day right.

    Wake up every day with a happy heart. Pray and give thanks to the Lord, fix your bed, look in the mirror and tell yourself how lovely this day will be. Feel beautiful and know that no one can take that wonderful feeling away from you.

    Never compare yourself to other people.

    Don’t ever think that other people are better than you because that won’t do you any good. You might think that they might be way ahead of you, but maybe this is just their moment. And don’t worry because you’ll have your own time, too. What you have makes you an incomparable person so, embrace it, grow at your own pace.

    Get rid of toxic people.

    We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. It’s okay to let go of the people who give you nothing but toxicity and negativity. Remember, you are a great person. So, if a person makes you feel otherwise, never hesitate to walk away and leave that person behind. Never let a person steal the happiness that you have. If you won’t let a thief go inside your house, why would you allow happiness stealers to come into your life?

    Make yourself proud.

    Never be afraid to do something that you’ve always wanted to do because in the end, that’s what will make you feel proud of yourself. Always remember that if something scares you and excites you at the same time, that thing is going to be worth a try. Most importantly, know that success is not about the money, position, or what other people define it to be. True success is when you feel like you are already where you’ve always wanted to be, and you are genuinely happy.

    Note the little things that make you happy.

    Sometimes, those little things are what matters the most. Your little dog who does nothing but sleep all day, preparing your family’s favorite snack, singing songs of praise, or the voice of the person you love the most. These are some of the little things in life that carry us through our bad days. They may be so little, but most of the time, they can fill up a big part of our lives. So, always be grateful and never take any of them for granted.

    Know when to say no.

    Always remember that it’s okay to say no if you feel like you have to say no. It’s okay to decline something that might harm you, even if it will cost disappointment to other people. It’s okay to put yourself first and set your boundaries. Guard yourself even if you have to say no. Sometimes, people will take it against you. But most of the time, people would understand if you had to say no rather than saying yes without actually meaning it.

    Forgive yourself.

    Do you still remember that time that you did something you shouldn’t? Maybe it made you feel bad, ashamed, or mad about yourself but hey, let it go! It’s normal for us, people, to commit mistakes. What’s important is to forgive yourself, move on and learn from it. It might be a bad experience or decision, but it won’t define you as a person. Your life is a journey, enjoy and learn from it.

    Rest, and practice solitude.

    Never lose yourself. Take a break and refresh yourself. When you feel exhausted, take a rest but never concede. Disconnect yourself from whatever it is that’s making you down. Pace yourself and realign until you gather all the strength that you need to move forward. Then, reconnect and enjoy your journey.

    If there is one person you need to put your utmost love into, that person is no other than yourself. Take good care of yourself just as much as how you want to be taken care of. Always love yourself first because everything will start within yourself. Show them how to love you, and let them give you that love, too.



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