Ten signs that you are on your road to tita-hood
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Ten signs that you are on your road to tita-hood

Troyka Lunar

October 7, 2021

  • Tita

    Adulting is a phase of life that we all are going to experience. Whether we like it or not, we will all go through a stage where we feel like we are still young, but our non-verbal actions tell us otherwise. While the others still try to relate to the younger generation, many people already embraced the art of being a tita. So, we have listed ten moments that you can relate to if you are already becoming or have already become a full-blown tita!

    1. You have all sorts of oil liniment.

    Minor aches, mosquito bites, muscle pain, motion sickness, or just something to help you sleep better at night – name it, you have it!

    2. When a friend announces pregnancy, you say, “Congratulations.”

    Gone are the days when your friend tells you that she is having a baby, and you respond, “Hala, lagot ka sa Mama mo.”

    3. You catch up with your friends over breakfast. 

    You know where the best places to eat breakfasts are. So, you prefer to do your monthly chikahan there rather than staying up all night partying at a bar because loud music is not your thing anymore.

    4. Hangovers hit you so bad. 

    You prefer tea or wine instead of hard alcoholic drinks, but there are some days when you can’t say no to clubbing and Friday night getaway. But since night-outs are not your cup of tea anymore, you literally feel like dying when the day after. Sometimes, it makes you question your twenty-something self how you can take that much alcohol when you were younger!

    5. You suddenly become a morning person. 

    You wake up early and can no longer function well beyond 10 PM. Though you believe that “Tulog is life,” your body wakes you up at 7 in the morning, even when you had to stay beyond 10 PM to do some errands.

    6. You carry your life in a bag. 

    Your friends often call you Dora or Doraemon because you have it all inside your bag! Paracetamol, wet wipes, sanitizers, liniment oils, and biscuits? Basic!

    7. “Aba, dalaga ka na, ha. May boyfriend ka na?”

    During family reunions, you see yourself saying these words to the younger ones then, you start to laugh because those were the exact words your titos and titas told you when you were growing up.

    8. You already love to collect keychains and refrigerator magnets. 

    When you were a bit younger, you always mock a friend or officemate who usually gives keychains and ref magnets as pasalubong. Now, they are all making sense!

    9. You are already a fan of organizers and tupperwares, too. 

    Now, you start to understand why your mom gets mad whenever one of her tupperwares is missing!

    10. Your favorite station is 96.3 Easy Rock Manila. 

    You love the music and how you can relate to our DJs. Moreover, you enjoy browsing Easy Rock Manila’s Website, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Pages!

    Do you already have what it takes to be a full-blown tita? Well, we can’t really say no to it! However, being a tita doesn’t mean you are already missing life’s fun, right? What are your tita stories? Share them in the comment section!



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