This is why you should stop living in your past
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This is why you should stop living in your past

Darla Reyes, Intern

August 1, 2019


    This is a new start, stop living in your past.

    A new spark, a new person to get to know. The butterflies have just come out of their cocoons, now you feel their wings fluttering around your stomach. Then you extinguish the spark and stomp on the butterflies, you hold everything back in fear of getting hurt because now that you’ve felt pain, now that you know how much one person can affect you so much, you’re hesitating. Your head is spinning with so many doubts whether this time will be any different from the last.

    But holding onto everything that has already happened will most definitely hold you back. You can’t progress if you don’t move forward.

    While you think that you’re saving yourself from more pain by being reclusive and by avoiding sentiments, you’re actually damaging yourself even more. By constantly comparing and overthinking, your budding relationship might quickly dry out because this person can tell that you’re not entirely in on this. Having trust issues will definitely save you from heartaches, but it will also isolate you behind a thick wall.

    Despite your spikes and other defenses, someone still finds a way to your heart. And you’re asking yourself if you’re ready for this again. The truth is that you’ll never be ready, you’ll always stall so the best way to go into this is headfirst.

    Yes, it’s terrifying that you’ll never know if you’ll have to experience heartbreak again if this time doesn’t work out but maybe, just maybe this new person can erase all traces of your past and build a future with you. Just because you’ve been hurt before doesn’t mean the same will happen this time. You’ll never know unless you try.

    Give this person a chance, and you’ll give yourself a chance. A chance at happiness and love.

    And if it doesn’t work out, don’t be afraid to crawl back to love again. Never let yourself stay stagnant by cowering in fear of heartbreak. Let yourself feel love and pain, because that is when you know you’re living the best out of your life.


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