Separation Anxiety: Saying goodbye to your office friend
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Separation Anxiety: Saying goodbye to your office friend

Troyka Lunar

October 28, 2021

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    Work can be stressful most of the time. We all know that. Sometimes, you get through a day at work because there is someone who keeps your sanity intact. They are no other than your friends at work. Are you having a bad day? For sure, your bestie will be there to save the day. You make fun out of the little things at work and rant endlessly to each other. It already feels weird when your bestie goes on leave for a few days. What happens when they decide to leave the company for good? Well, here are some of the things that might help you when you are dealing with a sepanx or separation anxiety with your office bestie.

    Acknowledge and understand their decision

    Though we know that your relationship is already beyond being professional, you must understand that their decision is something you shouldn’t take personally. It’s okay to feel sad. Mourn if you must, but never take your friend’s decision against them. Remember, you are in the workplace primarily to work; making friends is just a bonus. So, be open to the idea that your bestie might leave the workplace sooner than you will. Instead of getting sad, let your friend know that you are happy because they are already a step closer to their goals.

    Assess your feelings

    Shortly after your bestie announced their resignation, you might also think of leaving, too. But before doing that, confront your feelings first. Why do you suddenly want to quit? Is it because your friend’s resignation made you realize something about yourself or the company, too? Or because you are just too emotionally attached to your bestie? If your answer is the latter, think twice. Go for a walk or talk to your boss. Sure, it does hurt, but you must reflect on your feelings and be more logical than emotional.

    Do something memorable

    One of the hardest parts of dealing with this situation is the thought of not seeing them regularly. You’ll surely miss the fun times you’ve shared: From attending office parties to just having a regular lunch out. All of them. So, it is good to send them off with something that both of you will never forget. It doesn’t matter whether it is a surprise farewell party or just memorable lunch together. What’s more important is you have a fun memory that you can always look back on.

    Move out of your comfort zone

    When your office bestie leaves the company, you’ll have two options: Either you continue with your daily routine without her or start to open yourself again to new people and allow them to be a part of your daily routine, too. Building a relationship with other people in your workplace does not necessarily mean betraying your office bestie. It doesn’t mean you have to forget or replace them with new ones. Take this as a sign. Move out of your comfort zone and share a part of yourself with others, too.

    Never forget

    Just because your office bestie left your workplace, it doesn’t mean your friendship will be left out, too. For all we know, you might be taking your relationship to the next level. Why? Because you are about to face the challenge of maintaining a relationship without seeing each other regularly. At some point, we’ll come to realize that some of our friends are only friends because we get to see them every day. But what happens when one leaves the company? Some friendships become stronger, while others fail to recover. So, try to make each other feel that even though your lives are busy sometimes, you’ll still be each other’s bestie time after time.

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