Post Break Up Dramas: Reasons why Clint Bondad trended on Twitter
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Post Break Up Dramas: Reasons why Clint Bondad trended on Twitter

Mitzi Santos

July 18, 2020


    “I’m only the Ex.” How does being an ex-boyfriend make him the talk of the town?

    Just recently, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray’s ex-boyfriend Clint Bondad who is a model and a businessman posted cryptic IG stories that stirred up the internet!

    Screenshots of Bondad’s cryptic IG stories circulated the internet and everyone instantly became a detective stitching details after details.

    It was February 2019 when Catriona Gray confirmed her break up with her then boyfriend for 6 years. Not much details were revealed aside from the fact that Cat felt like sometimes you just outgrow each other.

    Come May 2020, Kapamilya star Sam Milby, announced on a post mid-May that he and the beauty queen is already dating. The two has been going to the same church for quite some time already and has been working together under the same talent management, Cornerstone.

    Clint’s IG stories took the internet by storm and were spread like wildfire.

    so here’s the controversial instagram story of catriona gray’s ex boyfriend clint bondad

    take note: some of the photos are really disturbing

    Posted by Kemelee Jade Trouvaille on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

    Netizens took it on social media and came up with different analysis as they try to decode Clint’s IG stories. Clint might be going through a post-break up depression. He also might have hacked into Sam Milby’s and Catriona Gray’s accounts and was able to discover something that could ruin the two.

    Here’s what the netizen’s speculations about the model’s IG stories:

    Clint was described as a walking Google by Cat’s friends and this alone tell a lot about how intelligent this guy is thus, the next-level cryptic IG stories. Stories involved somewhat codes that need to be decoded soon. These stories just left netizens to come up with different answers but Clint has to confirm these yet.

    On a lighter note, netizens found a way to make use of the timing and use Clint’s IG story to come up with their own witty versions.

    Clint Bondad, don’t make the netizens wait or they will find answers on their own!

    How about you, what do you think is the secret message behind Clint Bondad’s cryptic IG stories? Share it with us in the comment section now!


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