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Philippines’ Most Shocking Celebrity Breakups of 2022

Angelique Agarap

December 23, 2022

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    Many say that the year 2022 brings hope because things will gradually improve after two years in the COVID-19 pandemic.

    But it seems to be contrary to what happened in the relationship of some showbiz couples. That said, let’s take a look back at Philippines’ most shocking celebrity breakups of 2022:

    Moira Dela Torre & Jason Hernandez


    Many were surprised and regretful when Moira Dela Torre and Jason Hernandez announced their separation three years after their marriage in 2019.

    There are many speculations about what happened in the three years of marriage between Moira and Jason, especially when the male singer admitted that he cheated on his wife. Moira broke her silence and corrected the false information that was being spread. She said, “In spite of the pain I’m experiencing, let me set the record straight. While our marriage was not perfect, I have stayed true to my vows and I have never cheated on Jason. I only wish to put an end to the speculations regarding what happened between Jason and I. Although we’re no longer together, it still hurts to see fabricated stories being told about us — most of which are so far from the truth.”

    Maureen Wroblewitz & JK Labajo


    Many were also shocked when JK Labajo and Maureen Wroblewitz simultaneously announced their separation on their respective social media accounts. Although separated, former lovers JK and Maureen remained friends.

    Based on their respective posts, it seems that the separation between JK and Maureen was amicable. In fact, JK even said in his post, “Magka-ibigan na ngayo’y matalik na magkaibigan. Lagi mong tandaan na kahit pagbaliktarin mo man ang mundo, kahit saang lupalop man ng kalawakan, ikaw parin ang nagiisa kong buwan. Maraming salamat, mahal kita, at hanggang sa muli.”

    Zeinab Harake & Skusta Clee


    Vlogger Zeinab Harake confirmed her breakup with Rapper Skusta Clee (Daryl Ruiz) during her interview with Toni Gonzaga in Toni Talks.

    There, Zeinab shared how Skusta Clee cheated on her, which the latter admitted in brutal detail.

    Zeinab also confirmed that while she was carrying her late baby Moon, she and Skusta Clee had already split up. She also talked about how she buried the baby alone after her miscarriage.

    Shortly after, Skusta Clee has released a song about forgiveness called Kumpisal, in collaboration with Gloc-9.

    Kylie Versoza & Jake Cuenca

    Many felt the pain in actor Jake Cuenca’s Instagram post when he said that he and beauty queen Kylie Verzosa have separated. Their relationship lasted for three years. Jake posted on April 23, “I’ll hold on to all our precious memories together with so much value. These past 3 years of my life have certainly been the best. I say this with such a heavy heart but me and Kylie have decided to go our separate ways.” Kylie and Jake first worked together in the movie ‘Ang Panday’ in 2017.

    Ana Jalandoni & Kit Thompson


    Ana Jalandoni and Kit Thompson’s contentious separation was one of the most publicized Filipino celebrity splits in 2022.

    Kit physically abused and detained Ana in their hotel during their March trip to Tagaytay. Ana revealed that when Kit discovered her outside, he dragged her back to their hotel room. The actor allegedly believed his girlfriend had abandoned him, just as she had abandoned her ex-husband in 2018.

    During the March press conference, Ana stated that Kit threatened to kill her if she left him. When Kit fell asleep, the actress was able to ask for help via Messenger. Her ex-partner was immediately taken to the police station. Ana later stated that she had received a message from Kit asking for her forgiveness. 

    Barbie Imperial & Diego Loyzaga


    Barbie Imperial and Diego Loyzaga called it quits after a year of dating in February.

    Barbie confirmed her breakup without stating the reason. She also stated that they parted amicably.

    Their breakup rumors began when Diego went on a solo trip to the United States. Fans have also noticed that the former couple is no longer posting photos together on their social media accounts.

    Carla Abellana & Tom Rodriguez


    Carla Abellana broke her silence about the split rumors on her YouTube vlog, posting a lengthy comment saying she was “disrespected, betrayed, lied to, used, shamed, and made to look so stupid.” The now-deleted comment didn’t reveal the two actors’ current relationship status, but rather provided an overview of how Carla felt during her relationship with Tom Rodriguez.

    Later on, Tom finally broke his silence and admitted that he and Carla are no longer together. He stated that he has been living in the United States with his family since March. I left the Philippines for the United States on March 13, realizing that despite all of my efforts, Carla had already given up on our marriage,” he explained. Tom also denied rumors about him physically abusing Carla. “I will no longer dwell on the reasons why our marriage fell apart,” he says. “So many lies have been told about me that are completely false and unfair. I may have failed as a partner, especially when I lost all my money to someone who preyed on my gullibility, but it must be emphasized that I never touched Carla.” 

    Trina Candaza & Carlo Aquino


    In January, model-vlogger Trina Candaza and actor Carlo Aquino were the subject of a breakup rumor. This came after Trina made a Facebook post implying the involvement of a third party.

    Trina responded to a fan comment about getting back together with her partner on March 31.

    “Mahirap na po magkabalikan lalo na kung yung mga taong nakapaligid support sa pagiging single ng tao na para bang walang batang nawalan ng buong pamilya,” she responded.

    Carlo confirmed their split a few days later, saying they were still on good terms for their daughter Enola Mithi.

    Alyssa Valdez & Kiefer Ravena


    Alyssa Valdez and Kiefer Ravena, better known by their fans as KiefLy, became a trending topic on Twitter in May.

    Following the confession of their separation, Alyssa pleaded with fans to avoid fabricated stories about her relationship with Kiefer. It took six years for the relationship of the two sports idols, who are both graduates of Ateneo de Manila University. Kiefer is known as a top Pinoy cager while Alyssa is a decorated volleyball player.

    Maxene Magalona & Rob Mananquil


    After months of keeping mum on rumors that she and her husband Rob Mananquil have split, actress Maxene Magalona confirmed that she is now single.  

    Rumors that Maxene and Rob had separated surfaced early this year, after eagle-eyed fans noticed that Maxene dropped Mananquil as her surname on Instagram, as well as severed ties with her husband on the platform. Maxene and Rob tied the knot in a church ceremony and a beach wedding in Boracay on January 11, 2018, less than a year after they got engaged in Japan.

    It’s always heartbreaking to hear that your favorite couple have parted ways, especially when you used to see them as relationship goals. This just proves that celebrities are people too — they’re prone to mistakes, some can forgive while others move forward. Keep the faith and keep the love, fam!


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