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Online dating 101: Dos when dating someone online

Ellen Rose Oris

October 7, 2022

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    Since the pandemic started, it changed many aspects of our life including how we interact with others and search for love. People are becoming more drawn to finding relationships and dating someone online. Unlike traditional dating which includes blind dates and meet-ups, online dating gives a new perspective on having a romantic relationship. Online dating continues to become part of our norm as the pandemic extends in our lives for these past two years. Together with the lockdown, where we have more time to spend at home, online distant love affairs become a good distraction for many people. This has become an easy way to connect with potential people that matches people’s ideals and interests.

    While online dating a new partner might be thrilling, there may also be many unknowns. Thriving in the online dating space requires more effort and patience. This new love venture can be a stressful experience for some people, and it is not easy to date someone online exclusively. Regardless of the challenges attached to online dating, here are some of the tips that would help you make the most of your online dating experience.


    Working out with your best features

    Self-care is a must in every aspect, be it with emotional, mental, and physical well-being. Building confidence and showing off your best features is a great help to make your profile noticeable and more appealing. Making an extra effort in using effective photos that can attract and get attention without making them obscene is also necessary. If you have an excellent profile, you can show it off. Experiment with different angles in photos, and find your best side when choosing your pictures for your profile.


     Write an effective online dating profile 

    Writing an online dating profile is indeed a very challenging task.  Especially when it is your first time trying online dating or if you are just curious about how it works. Writing about yourself for the first time is quite difficult. Going extra when creating your introduction will help you make your profile stand out from the others. Be natural as much as possible. Sharing your interests and your hobbies is also up to the mark as it will help you give a good impression to others.


    Keep an open-mind

    One of the golden rules in online dating is to keep an open mind. If you want to explore more potential in online dating sites, you have to prepare and have an open mind. If you are also into exploring dating people from other countries, you need to develop a deep understanding of other people’s cultures and beliefs. Meeting people online also introduces you to people with diverse perspectives and preferences. Open-mindedness seeks to understand instead of dismissal of other people’s preferences.


    Staying Safe in Online Space 

    Given that the realms of using online are expansive. Everyone should be mindful of everything they will do online.  Online dating allows threats if they will not be treated with caution. That is why being careful and conscious in giving out personal details and information is crucial. Using your best judgment and instincts comes in handy when you want to meet someone online. Be critical in giving out details that can be used with malicious intent. It can help you to become warier of the dangers of engaging online. Don’t overly trust talking to someone online unless you know them personally already. Do not expect that every person that you will meet online are honest as you are. Stay vigilant and choose to avoid oversharing the information that can damage your reputation in the latter part.

    Going out on the internet can overwhelm you, and make you feel like you are lost in a jungle. These tips can help you improve your chances of getting a more positive experience in navigating the perks of online dating. Knowing who you are and what you’re seeking can help you share this information and bravely go forward. Just bear in mind that dating works best when done carefully, like with everything else in life.

    Have you tried online dating? What is your opinion about it? Comment them down and tell us your story!


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