The One That Ghosted Away
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The One That Ghosted Away

Darla Reyes, Intern

July 25, 2019


    After checking through every social media app—no tag, no chat, no text, absolutely nothing. The next message you’re going to send is most likely going to be left as read or worst, inbox zoned. No amount of space is going to bring this person back because unfortunately, you’ve been ghosted. This kind of ghost won’t give you goosebumps or will make you scream. But the one that will bring tears to your eyes and thoughts of “what did I do wrong?”

    You started talking to this person because you have a lot in common, you’re compatible it seems. You’ve been on a couple of dates and things are just wonderful, you’ve gotten to know each other well. All the little things you share grow with each day you talk. But this person goes ahead and decides for the both of you that it’s over with no explanation and leaves you. Yet you still cling to a hope that maybe they’ll come back and you still wait for the replies.

    Although this rejection is slow to sink-in, it’s ten time worse than receiving a break-up text. Even a text gives some sort of closure, at least there’s a reason. But being left to wonder what in the world happened to this constant, the one who you thought could be the one, is torture. The rug has been pulled from under you and now you’re sprawled on the floor. Your world seems to have rotated the other way, and theirs seem to be just fine.

    At the risk of sounding cliché, it’s not you, it’s them. Especially if you guys were fine the last time you talked. Think of ghosting as being saved from falling off a cliff, falling into the unknown but that unknown just happened to be flimsy and quite honestly just not worth falling into, you’ve been given an insight into their true colors. Though it doesn’t justify their actions, look at bright side that you didn’t end up with a person without compassion or empathy for your feelings.

    Feel what you need to feel after being ghosted. Cry, drink, or stalk, but don’t let it last. It’s time to pick yourself up and dust off the pain. Stop beating yourself up and focus on getting yourself in a better and happier state.

    It’s disappointing to not be able to have the last say, but take the higher road and bid good riddance to that person. You deserve better.

    And at the end of the day, no matter how much you got hurt, you’ll never ghost away from someone.


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