Non-cliché songs that you can use on your wedding day


Non-cliché songs that you can use on your wedding day

Troyka Lunar

June 23, 2022


    When you are about to marry the love of your life, you would most definitely want everything to be special. And one of the most difficult decisions you’ll have to make is the song that would play when you walk down the aisle and on your first dance. Out of all the perfect love songs in the world, how would you know if that song is “your” song? Well, we got you! Here are five non-cliché songs and their meanings that you can look into so you’ll have a meaningful wedding song on your wedding day!


    After All (Peter Cetera and Cher)

    “We’ve tried it on our own
    But deep inside we’ve known
    We’d be back to set things straight”

    If you have this on-and-off or love-is-sweeter-the-second-time-around kind of love with the person you are about to marry, this might be the perfect song for you two. The song talks about two old lovers who decided to part ways but still ended up with each other. Imagine yourself on your wedding day, looking at the person you are about to marry while reminiscing all your ups and downs and twists and turns. Yet, here you are, still ending up with each other. #LoveWins, right? 

    Never let her slip away (Andrew Gold)

    “I really only met her ’bout a week ago 
    But it doesn’t seem to matter to my heart 
    I know that I love her,
    I’m hoping that I never recover.” 

    Unlike the first one, this song is merely about two people who just met, but for some reason, found love most perfectly. Though relationships must indeed have a strong foundation, there are instances when two people who barely know each other decide to be together and surprisingly make things work. If you have found this kind of love, you must never let that person slip away. 

    I see the light (Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi)

    “It’s warm and real and bright
    And the world has somehow shifted
    All at once everything looks different
    Now that I see you.”

    This song best describes the saying, “Anything worth having is worth the wait.” When you feel like everything keeps falling apart, someone will make you realize that everything is actually falling into the right place. When this happens, you’ll look at things as if they are brand new. You’ll finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, and everything that happened will eventually make sense. 

    Falling in love at a coffee shop (Landon Pigg)

    “I’ve seen the waters that make your eyes shine 
    Now I’m shining too 
    Because oh because 
    I’ve fallen quite hard over you.” 

    Have you ever felt a love that is so great that even the simplest things turn into something extraordinary? Well, this is the perfect wedding song for you! The song tells a story of a man who fell in love with a girl who makes simple things special. Who would have thought that a simple date in a coffee shop can linger in someone’s mind and make them feel like it’s the greatest date they’ve ever been? Love can be so magical that it can turn something plain into an amazing one.

    She’s always a woman to me (Billy Joel)

    “She’ll carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleeding
    But she’ll bring out the best and the worst you can be
    Blame it all on yourself ’cause she’s always a woman to me.”

    This is not your ordinary love song. Judging by its title, you may think of it as derogatory and sexist. But if you go deeper into its meaning, you’ll find out that the song is actually about how a man can love and accept his girl despite all her imperfections. Billy Joel, the singer-songwriter, personally wrote this song for his wife. He wants to send a message thru this song that a woman, regardless of how she looks or carries herself, will always be that same woman you must love and protect. Wouldn’t it be nice to hear this song while walking down the aisle?

    Songs aren’t just words with tone. Most of the time, songs are there when we fail to verbalize what our heart is feeling. While there are a lot of heart-warming songs, always remember that when you choose your song, go for the one that will tell your story. Go back to where everything started and why you loved that person in the first place. We hope you’d find your song, and you’d get to cherish it with the love of your life.


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