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Marshall and Millions: a dog’s loyalty and selflessness

Ex Badilla

May 18, 2023

  • With the recent heartbreaking news of the gunning down of Millions and Marshall in London, it puts us into perspective of how much our fur friends really love us. 

    Their innocence is what usually gets us. When their glistening eyes meet ours, we switch into our baby voices and try to get them to love us. Whenever we pick up their fluffy extremities, they just melt in our arms without hesitation (most of the time) and trust us that we won’t drop them. The next thing we know, we can’t go out of our houses because of them, worrying about their well-being. 

    Nag uwi ako ng aso para may taga bantay ng bahay. Hindi ako makaalis dahil walang bantay yung aso.’

    @murphyandthefam every furparent’s problem 😭 #goldenretriever #goldenretrieverlife #dogsofttiktok #fypシ#fyp #doglover #muprhythegoldenpawmily #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Hans Dowel

    We often joke about how our dogs are freeloaders. All they do is eat, play, sleep, repeat; and yet we adore and nurture them for it. Jokes aside, they are our responsibility like a child (but not as an investment plan), because that’s how we should treat them, like our own kind. Aside from the fact that we literally chose them to be with us, we basically also kidnapped them from their moms! 

    From when we were young, it was instilled to us that dogs are a man’s best friend because of their loyalty. Growing up, I realized that the term best friend was an understatement. To some, they are their child, companion, or even their reason to live. Dogs grew around the people that we were around, and yet they recognize us as their number one person. 

    Unfortunately, there are owners who are irresponsible and heartless that abandon their pets even after being with them for quite some time. Some even go the extremes and torture these innocent beings just for the sake of having fun. Meanwhile, there are people like the Met Police who abuse their power over our fur friends. And yet, dogs still learn how to trust us humans. 

    If we’re talking about selflessness, I think dogs should be at the top of the list. As Taylor Swift said, all they ever wanted from us was sweet nothing. With something as simple as belly rubs, playing fetch, or even head scratches, we can already make our dog’s day. They are so selfless that they would literally throw themselves to save us without thinking twice. Be it from a speeding motorcycle, a raging house fire, or even a fellow human threatening to hurt us, they would do everything they can to protect us. That’s how much they love us, they give and give without taking anything except for our love. 

    To fellow fur parents out there, I hope you continue to cherish your fur friends until it’s their time to cross the rainbow bridge. Remember, we might find people who will choose us only at our best, but our dogs will be with us through anything because they know that you will be there for them, too. 


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