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Mercury Retrograde: What does it mean and why is everyone brooding about it?

Troyka Lunar

April 21, 2023

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    Image Source: Astrology Zone

    Just when you thought that everything was going according to plan, Mercury Retrograde says, “Here I come!”

    You might have heard a colleague or a friend talk about how Mercury is now going retrograde. And yes, it is that time of the year again! It starts today, April 21, 2023 and ends on May 14, 2023. Maybe some people are already experiencing its effects, while others don’t really care at all.

    But what does Mercury Retrograde mean, and why does it scare people who believe in astrology?

    Mercury Retrograde is a phenomenon that happens usually three to four times a year. The term “retrograde” was derived from the Latin wordΒ retrogradus, which means “backward step.” If seen from the Earth, Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit during this season.

    Why does it happen?

    We all remember from science class that though the planets move in the same direction all the time, they do not have the same speed. The Earth’s orbital period happens in a span of 365 days, while other planets take a longer or shorter time. So, when the Earth goes past a planet, that planet will appear as if it is moving backward. Imagine that you are on the road, speeding up, overtaking another car. Once you get ahead, it might look like the other car is already moving backward from your perspective. That is exactly what’s happening to the Earth and Mercury right now.

    So, why are some people brooding about it?

    In Roman mythology, Mercury is believed to be the god of financial gain, commerce, messages, and communication. With this, astrologists believe that when Mercury is in retrograde, finances, commerce, and communication will also be disrupted. While others do not really believe that Mercury Retrograde has something to do with some setbacks and delays, some people just can’t stop brooding about it.

    Some of them take it as a serious sign to be more careful in making decisions, while others just take it lightly (but still secretly believe in its effects. *wink*)

    Here are some of the netizens’ take on this ongoing phenomenon!

    We feel you, girl!

    Just a friendly reminder!

    That is one really bad luck! :(

    Don’t set your hopes up!

    Mercury be like: “But, why does it have to be me?”

    Talking about sweet revenge? *wink*

    Too soon, too soon!

    Is this the perfect time to get back with an ex?

    Oh, DJ Shai!Β But maybe, it is the perfect alibi to get back with an ex! Kidding!

    This guy ends it all!

    Whether you believe in Mercury Retrograde’s effects or not, it is always important to take extra measures whenever, wherever! What are your thoughts on this phenomenon? Let us know through your comments!


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