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March, a celebration of women’s achievements

Mitzi Santos

March 10, 2023

  • Every March, we celebrate the lives of the brave and hardworking women all over the world. It is the month where we acknowledge and recognize the significant contributions made by women in the society despite all the challenges that they had to face.

    We are in a time where women are now seen, heard, and valued. Women are now more focused on their self-worth and their ability to make their own choices for the betterment of their lives as well as the people around them.

    In celebration of Women’s Month, we have identified women who have proven that women have voices, too, and that they can create their stories and make an impact in the society.

    Anne Curtis

    Anne Curtis went to Tokyo for a cause! She dedicated her trip to the Filipino youth and this time was a little different for she was not only able to beat her personal record (PR) of four hours and fifty minutes, but she was also more emotional this time now that she has already become a mom.

    Every kilometer was definitely worth it for Anne Curtis after she finished strong at the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) Philippines. This marathon aimed to help abused children get the support and services they need to heal and recover.

    Whatever amount the cause received, Anne will double the amount so more children will receive the services they need.


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    Dolly De Leon 

    Dolly de Leon, a renowned Filipina actress became the first Filipino to be nominated for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in Any Motion Picture for the 80th Golden Globe Awards for her role in the movie Triangle of Sadness.

    Her nomination made her shine even more in the film industry. This is another proof that Filipinos can penetrate Hollywood and Dolly is here to lead the pack!

    This also paved way for more exposures for her in film festivals and in international magazines. Pinoy pride indeed!

    Juliana Gomez

    Despite having famous parents, Juliana really works hard for all her achievements.

    Just recently, she won Gold during the UAAP Season 85 women’s fencing final. This sweet victory took two years to happen and Juliana believes that this is just the beginning of her successful fencing career.

    This is a proof that with pure determination and tedious training, women can also dominate the world of sports.


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    Maine Mendoza

    Earlier this week, a video of Maine Mendoza calling out a contestant on national TV made rounds on social media.

    People appreciated Maine as she corrected the contestant who wanted to pass on the responsibility of having a good life to her 7-year-old son.

    Maine’s quick response to this situation garnered positive responses from the netizens. This is a clear indication that through time, the mindset of women has already evolved. Women are not only expected to just stay at home but they can also be a vital member of the society that can draw positive change and influence others.


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    Zoe Gabriel

    Things started to change for the Singapore-based Filipina after her viral video of her “first luxury bag.”

    After receiving so many hate posts regarding her video, Zoe has now become the ambassador of the famous brand and is living the dream!

    Who would’ve thought that her video defending her father would open opportunities for her? Aside from being the brand ambassador, she was also being offered by other brands with unique opportunities.

    Using your voice and having a platform are not just a power move but it will also open doors for you. Who knows where these doors will lead you, right?


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    2023 has just started, yet we have already listed a few women who have already made a mark. May this be the start of having more empowered women who take space in society. Now is the time to take the lead!

    Always remember: Hindi ka babae lang. Babae ka! Abante, babae!


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